Because it’s been a long week….

I went out of town. Tornadoes threatened our city.  The kids have been acting out. It’s Friday.

I usually get a post in by now during a week, so that’s my indication that I know it’s been a long week (plus I didn’t have a computer with me while I was gone).

I don’t love you because it’s been a long week. I want to be sweet to you because we’ve had a long week and need some good hubby/wifey time.  I need to do a better job at noticing not just when you need some decompression but also how to help you do that.  You work so hard and put so much on yourself w/ the kiddos, that I just want you to be able to chill the heck out and put your feet up.

I love you and love your feet and hands that serve me and the kids all day and all night. You are a servant-household-leader.

Because I Look Forward To Coming Home…

I know sometimes it seems that my time at work is generally less stressful than being there in the trenches from 5:30 until bedtime for our kids, but I want you to know that I look forward to being with everybody every night.  I’m so blessed to have a wife that–despite the normal occasional boiling points–brings absolute peace to our home.

You are a joy to be married to. You are a blessing to our children. You are a treasure.

Because You’re a Good Nurse…

My back went out a bit over a week ago. You’ve been on me to make sure that I don’t get hurt again, i.e. you’re making sure I don’t overdo it and reinjure myself, and so forth.

I know that taking my labor out of the equation makes for a long day for you, but thanks for making sure that I don’t put myself even further out of commission.

You always work hard, so when my old man-ness steps up and makes you have to work harder, I feel a little guilty.

Anyway, I love you and thanks for allowing me to be a big wimp for a couple weeks.

Because You Plan Good Parties

We’ve celebrated our daughter’s birthday 3 times: once with her friends, once with just the 5 of us, once (today) with the extended family. Every time you added a different twist. You baked cupcakes, mini-cakes, and regular cakes.

You really made each party special. Each event was warm, relaxed, and perfect for our daughter and the audience. I particularly loved the love you put in the cookie pops. If I wasn’t posting from my phone, I’d pull a picture of the flower pot of cookie pots you made for the little girls’ party.

Thanks for putting your all into making moments special!