Day 123 – It’s sprained, not broken

Day 123 – Thursday May 29, 2014

We weren’t sure yet.

You got X-rays on this particular day to confirm that all was not completely lost for the summer.

Your ankle is/was, thankfully, sprained, and not broken.

The summer is saved (albeit put on hold for a week or so)!

Day 122 – You Sprained Your Ankle (not so good omen for the summer)

Day 122 – Wednesday, May 28 2014

So the day after we had such a good start to the summer, The Sprain happened.

The Sprain

The Sprain

I felt so bad for you! Not only were you hurt, but you felt silly for hurting by slipping in our friends’ backyard on some steps.

In other words, it was a purely accidental injury. And you were scared it would sideline you for the rest of the summer.

Luckily, I think you’ll be up and running in nearly no time! Yippee!

As some comfort food, you had me get some pudding so we could make little pudding mini-pies with whipped cream and chocolate chips. I love it when you need comforting! It always tastes so good.

Pudding Pie

Pudding Pie


Because You’re a Good Nurse…

My back went out a bit over a week ago. You’ve been on me to make sure that I don’t get hurt again, i.e. you’re making sure I don’t overdo it and reinjure myself, and so forth.

I know that taking my labor out of the equation makes for a long day for you, but thanks for making sure that I don’t put myself even further out of commission.

You always work hard, so when my old man-ness steps up and makes you have to work harder, I feel a little guilty.

Anyway, I love you and thanks for allowing me to be a big wimp for a couple weeks.