Because You are Mourning For Me

Since we don’t have real cable TV right now (by ‘real’ I mean simply ESPN and associated networks), I’m struggling hard. Football season is about to start and it’s almost like it really isn’t happening. I don’t have all those sportscasters making their bold predictions. I can’t watch all of those inspirational player profiles or self-help-looking montages about grit and determination and leaving it all out on the field.

Nope. Just local news. But we’re committed to each other and Dave Ramsey at the moment, so this, too, shall pass. Plus UGA is on ABC on Saturday, so we’ll make it through this first weekend just fine.

But the main point is that you have been working hard to find work arounds (even trying to find folks who might have a cable subscription that we could borrow – you know their PW and ID).

You’re feeling my pain. That’s sweet. I love you for that.

Because We’re Starting Our 70 Day Challenge

You’ve roped me into counting Weight Watcher points (again).  We get on and off of that train, but you decided to start a 70 Day Challenge.

10 weeks. Counting points. Eating better. Exercising more.

I’m doing my typical near end of year creep up in weight. And football season NEVER makes it any easier.

Therefore, this is perfect timing.  Not perfect for my taste buds, but perfect for my health.

You have been an inspiration over this past year. Your consistency going to the gym and trying to help us take better care of ourselves has been so helpful. We’ve never been horrible, but it gets harder the older we get.

These little ideas of yours are perfect for us. Thank you.

Because It’s 80s Day at DB (squared)

You just cut up one of my shirts:

80s Day!

Unfortunately, you used my JVC Jazz Festival T-shirt from 1987. It was a concert I attended with my dad as a reward for all As or something in the 8th or 9th grade.

Anyway, it was 80s day at your workout group and you needed something to wear.

I’d tried to sell it on Ebay a couple times to no avail. So I’m glad you’re putting it to good use.

It looks much cuter on me than it ever would on me. 🙂

Because You Gave Us a Great Vacation!

I’ve not written in a bit because

  1. I was preparing to go on vacation and was super busy
  2. We went on vacation and I can’t write in a secret blog while I’m on vacation with you 🙂

You really made it happen. I don’t even know if we’d ever go on vacation if it were up to me. You worked with my sis-in-law and my parents and you budgeted and you stowed away snacks for months so we could have a seemless trip down to Palm  Coast.

Plus, you suggested the fun first day in St. Augustine.  You are the coordinator. You are the fun committee. You are the Director of Activity Joy. I might be a funny guy, but you make fun things happen. I mean all summer, you’ve planned and created moments for our children. You are top notch at stuff like that and I love you for it!

Here are a few fun memory pics:

2013 Hammock Beach Vacation 0292013 Hammock Beach Vacation 0202013 Hammock Beach Vacation 0122013 Hammock Beach Vacation 035 Web2013 Hammock Beach Vacation 053 Web2013 Hammock Beach Vacation 0262013 Hammock Beach Vacation 0722013 Hammock Beach Vacation 008