10/31/14 – Day 278…. 1




I forget the exact phone number extensions, but some combo of these four numbers will always be thrown out when you and are squarely on the same page, whether the decision is humongous or whether it’s just that we were both in the mood for Cuban sandwiches at the exact same time.

2781 girl. You and I. Together.

10/29/14 – Day 276: Carving Time & Sweet Tradition

You’ve dubbed me as pumpkin carving man. I carved whoever this is for one of our kids.

It’s one of our traditions – daddy carving pumpkins for the kids.

You are the brain trust behind this. I wouldn’t have done it without your having the idea. I love that you give us little traditions as we go along.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

10/22-23/14 – Days 269 and 270: Sometimes Hugs Mean a Ton

Tuesday & Wednesday, October 22-23, 2014

We had a good weekend, but it had it’s tough points.

On Monday, we shared a hug which I ruined by singing Faithfully by Journey – you know like when a moment is serious and I act like a nervous 7th grader? It wasn’t a moment for levity, I guess. I didn’t upset you, but I think what we needed was just a quiet hug.

On Tuesday, we had such a hug. Quiet. Close. Simple.

We needed it. It meant a lot. We’re going through a stressful time right now that both of us want to deal with but we’re at a loss at the moment with just how to do so.

But we are a team. We just need to continue to grow as one.


10/21/14 – Day 268: They are much too big for cosleeping

Jake climbed in bed with us some time during the deep sleep art of the morning.

He’s much bigger than I remember him being the last time he climbed into our bed. Plus he snored. Now I know a little how you feel although I’m sure his snoring is cute while mine is like a steam train.

It was sweet having him there. It was fun getting up and seeing the two of you sleeping peacefully and sweetly, soft breathing and snuggles.

I love you and know that you are an awesome mom. Just seeing you with them reminds me of that fact.

10/20/14 – Day 267: The Walking Dead is Confusing

We are back into fall TV mode. We don’t seem to have as many shows we’re into (probably good given some of the projects going on).

But we were both confused by The Walking Dead last night. Maybe we’re just tired. What’s to be confused about? It’s just zombies and survivors. Everybody’s gotta eat, right?

You also made very good chicken.

It was a Monday night, so we pretty much just made sure everybody was fed, bathed, and homeworked. It was your basic suburban evening. 🙂

10/19/2014 – Day 266: I Did Nothing and You Let Me

We are still knee deep in two bathroom projects. I’ve been working hard at work and on the house.

You gave me Sunday off. You weren’t feeling great (sorry) and let me run the show.

The day before, you said that I needed to do something with the kids the next Saturday. I’ve been pretty much locked up in home projects for a few weekends, so it felt like I’ve not been clued in to family time.

But today (a Sunday), I took our children to church and McDonalds. At home I got to play with them some more.

You were kind enough to not bug me about the bathroom. But I think some days everybody needs a reset. Today was one of those days if there ever were one.

10/15/14 – Day 262: What the what?

I suppose I should tell you thank you for dealing with this math with our daughter.

You are a much more patient person than I. This whole ‘math strategy’ thing is dumb. Why can’t they just do math.

The daily doing of homework is something that you do that I’m so thankful for.

Why can't they just do math?

Why can’t they just do math?

10/8/14 – Day 255: You Are Cute in the Fall

There’s something about the fall.

You wear your long sleeve t-shirts and sweaters.

We get a little more chilly and get to snuggle.

Football is in the air.

Our shows are in full swing.

Kids are in school .

The air is a little fresher.

You are always awesome, but in the fall, you always look super cute.

I love you.