Because We’re In This Together

We are.

This weekend, we both lamented are lack of parenting skills.

But we’re together on wanting to do a good job at…

  1. Erecting boundaries
  2. Enforcing boundaries
  3. Creating moments and memories
  4. Becoming more patient
  5. Becoming even more patient.

It’s not easy, but I’m so thankful we’re on the same page.

10 Ideas for You

I like to read Mr. James Altucher. He has this daily practice thing where you make sure to do something every day to nurture health in four areas:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Emotional
  3. Physical
  4. Mental

I know that’s not necessarily ground-breaking. But one of his ideas is to always write down ideas.  He lists this under a mental practice… to sit and think of 10 ideas for such and such (like 10 ideas for a TV show or 10 ideas for a top client, etc.). I decided it might be a good idea to think of 10 things that might make you, my sweet wife happy.

Here is what I came up with (trying to keep in mind your love language(s)–a moving target, admittedly):

  1. Develop a get out of debt plan and make it simple to follow.
  2. Put up your closet hanger for your purses and whatnot.
  3. Start devotions at night.
  4. Be more assertive in making sure we have dinner together.
  5. Plan for a weekend for you only–and friends. Try to clear the path for that to happen.
  6. Start a 10yr anniversary fund and start sending you location suggestions to brainstorm and get us excited.
  7. Plan 2 date nights – September and November (we got a trip to Charleston in October).
  8. Clean out your car every Saturday.
  9. Remember to say something pointedly encouraging every day (and perhaps toss in a gift once a week).
  10. 3 entries in WhyILoveTina each week, including making it through The Love Dare.

Of course, execution is the key.

So I better shut down my computer here at 5:50 and get home. If I had to put 11, the 11th would be make sure to leave by 5:30 every night.

I hope when you read this some day, you’ll be able to answer that I did these things.