Day 33 – Neck Pain, Fajitas, and Friday Nights

I can’t wait to get home. You just called crying due to some weird pull/strain in your neck.

I know… I should be getting in my car and not writing this post, but you won’t remember the neck situation. My loving blog gift to you, that’s another story. 🙂

Anyway, I’m on my way for fajita night and a movie and, due to your pain, an evening where I power watch some Netflix show you’re not into as you drift off to sleep on muscle relaxes/pain meds. No margarita for you, young lady.


Day 32 – The Fajita Meat Conundrum

I suppose it’s less a conundrum and more of a difference in opinion in thawing methods. At the tail end of Day 32 (which translates to 2/27/14), you put fajita meat out so we could have a nice Friday night dinner of fajitas and margaritas.

I made the executive decision to allow the meat to stay on the counter all night long because my experience has been that it ends up never fully thawed when we leave it in the fridge and the marinade doesn’t have as  much opportunity to dig into the meat.

Well… I got the text (of course, I put the meat back in the fridge at 5:15 when I came downstairs the morning of Day 33).

The Text Exchange

You: Did you leave the meat out all night?

Me: Yes (if this were a screenplay, the word ‘sheepishly’ would have been in parentheses or italics next to my ‘yes’)

You: Andrew!!!!!!!

You: That’s why I want to put in fridge! Ugh

Me: Does it smell?

Me: I’ll buy another thing and bring it  home before I go to work. I’ll cook and eat the one from last night. Don’t hate me because I have different thaw methods. It was so hard and frozen. It was still cold this morning. But I know your mind goes places [the many food borne illnesses possible from rancid meat]. I’ll be there in a few. You are a very beautiful woman. 🙂

End Scene….

Well… You texted me and told me to go to work… that you’d go to the store and get the meat.

Sorry, sweetie. But, strangely, unless you’re madder than you seem, I love these little moments. Of course, I never want to waste fajita meat, but in the end, this is the fun stuff of marriage, right?

Can’t wait to have fajitas later… on Day 33, which is today. By the way, it’s nearly impossible for me to write every single day on the day. Sometimes, I have to reflect a little or it’s a weekend and we’re together the whole time. I’ll probably write Day 33 before I leave from work today.

You are awesome. Just so you know.

Day 31 – One Month Down… Lifetime to Go

This is about as consistently as I’ve ever done anything in my life.

But this blog is supposed to be about you and not how awesome I am about keeping the blog. 🙂

It’s one month out of many that went before it and many, many more that will come after it.

My weird version of midlife crisis is going on around right now. I’m realizing how precious moments are. Each day comes, goes, and never comes back again. We either build a little something with that day or we tear something down a little bit.  I don’t think we get too many ‘things stayed the same completely’ days.

I pray, truly pray, that we have more ‘build a little something’ days vs. ‘tear things down’ days. I pray God helps me see what it takes to build something with you. To help me know the ways I should treat you and the ways I should love you and the ways we should challenge and stretch each other.

Our jobs are not to make all things easy. I need you to push me while you love me. I need to learn how to love you and encourage you to do the things in  your heart.

I love you, happy 1 month of The Falling in Love Project!

Day 30 – Sometimes It Builds

I was ornery.

Stress grew, built up, and made me sour.

I’m sorry for that. I hate when I’m pouty and quiet and generally unpleasant.

It happens. Sometimes I try so hard to make everything smooth and easy for everybody. But sometimes that backs up on me and I hit a switch that sends me off to grumpyland.

Please forgive me.

Day 29 – Your Basic Monday

Some things that happened today…

  1. I gave blood
  2. You worked out despite feeling sick
  3. You had our boys’ glasses fixed because they break them pretty regularly
  4. You made homemade spaghetti (delish)
  5. You also prepped those yummy crescent rolls
  6. I read Chapter 7 of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (it might be a little much for our 5 year old boys)
  7. I got a little impatient because they wouldn’t listen.
  8. For that matter, I must feel like it’s my mission in life to make our boys eat over their bowls or plate. First, why can’t they figure that out? Second, why do I stinking care so much? (besides the obvious spaghetti sauce on the clothes and chairs thing)

That was our basic Monday. We both worked. I worked at my office. You worked here at home.

Day in the ‘burbs. 🙂

Day 28 – A Lazy Sunday… Because You Needed It

We kept Mucinex and Dayquil in business yesterday. By ‘We’ I mean ‘You’.

It was fun to be out and about with the children throughout the day: church, McDonalds, the park, and then another back float session with our little girl.

I was stressed because of some home projects. Sorry if I let that go a bit and acted ornery (because, well, I was ornery because I’m stressed). 🙂

Thanks for dealing with me… and I hope you’re feeling better.

Day 27 – The Back Float Project

On Day 27, I took our daughter to  gymnastics and then to practice her back float.

We’re in process of teaching her how to do the back float so she can move up in her swimming lessons.

She struggles with lying on her back and relaxing and allowing the water to hold her up.

I struggled with putting into words the right way for her to do it. But she kind of did it. Hopefully, it’ll be enough for them to move her along.

But there was a lesson – a small one. The back float is about lying on something that doesn’t seem like it can support you. You lay there and trust this liquid to keep your body up. You have to relax in order to allow the water to do the work.

You know that I try to live a life of faith. I believe in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Bible and in prayer.

But the most difficult thing to trust God with has been our marriage and our roles as parents. I want to help Him out in areas that aren’t my responsibility. I’m like our daughter and tense up in some strange effort to help the water. It’s not intentional. It’s not on purpose. I can’t help it at times.

That said, I’m not always sure what ‘trusting God in marriage and parenting’ always looks like, but perhaps it is leaving your heart, primarily, in the hands and care of God. Trusting God means I pray for you. It means I’m honest with you. It means I share my struggles, fears, joys, and victories with you, even if, at times, you’re not sure what to do with them all.

You are my partner. You are who God put me with. I need to just float on the water of His grace and mercy and sovereignty.