Day 93 – Roku + Micro = Oh No!

Day 93 – April 29, 2014

Apparently a Roku remote control can’t survive in the microwave oven.

Our 5 year old boys had to find out for themselves.

While I’m mad, I still have to laugh a little bit.  Just a little bit.

I comfort myself considering this as a story for a rehearsal dinner or graduation party or some other such occasion.

Dang it boys. Please channel your creative curiosity to more constructive things, if you don’t mind!

Day 92 – The Great Tornado Escape

Day 92 – April 28, 2014

So last night we decided that the tornado devastation out west was way too scary to play with. And while we know our meteorologists here in the Atlanta area can be a a little….hyperbolic, it’s better safe than sorry. We drove to my parents’ house because they have a big fancy nice basement to  hole up in just in case the sirens go off.

Plus it was an adventure for the kids. As we rustled them awake the next morning, they were begging to do it again.

What these tornadoes always remind me of is this: We are not in charge. We make decisions. We try to be wise. Ultimately, though, we cannot control so many things. It’s smart to go to a house with a basement. We have too many tall trees bending over our house and we’re up on a hill with no real place to go to be safe.

We do what we can, but things happen. God allows what God allows. The world spins and sometimes I fear my theology is just useless, but I cling to the goodness of God anyway. I cling whether I feel it warranted or not because I’m dumb enough to hate any of the alternatives.

I didn’t mean to go there. I just meant to say that we can’t control all things. We can’t stop the truck from coming the wrong way down the road. We can’t stop a tree from falling.We can’t control so many things.

So while we have time? Well, let’s freaking live our guts out. Let’s love each other and our kids as hard as we possibly can. Let’s have a blast. Let’s try new things. Let me call potential clients that, frankly, I’m scared I’m not good enough for. Who freaking cares?

Let’s do this thing!!!!

Day 91 – Back in the Saddle

I don’t feel bad that we have to regird our loins and jump back into the fray. Which fray? The fray that is counting Weight Watchers Points Plus.  We will succeed.

It’s not an easy thing. Well, it’s not ridiculously hard, but we middle class Americans are notoriously soft on most things that require some sort of discipline.

I will continue to do this and not do it and then do it again because I think at some point it’ll stick and doing it a few weeks is better than not doing it all, right?

Day 91 – Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 90 – Running the Bases

We went to the Roswell Rec Saturday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day and we watched the kids bounce around the playground for a bit before we took our football and soccer ball and play golf sets and little air-thrusted rocket launcher thingie over to the baseball field.

2014-04-26 14.44.24

We have, apparently, the attention spans of mice as we played about 8 1/2 minutes before we decided to run the bases. Let’s just say that if our children are track stars, it’s in spite of their parents, not because of them. I’m glad there were no video cameras running.

That said, you got a little scoot in ya.

Day 90 – Saturday, April 26, 2014


Day 89 – Last Man Standing at the End of the Week

We love Last Man Standing on Friday nights.

It’s another show (after the Family Feud) that tells us we are inching up in age.

But we always laugh. This Friday was no different.

It marks the end of the work week. It marks the beginning of a couple days of pretending to work on major home projects, going to the park, and making a triple batch of pancakes for easy breakfasts throughout the week (although I think I’m ruining the special event that pancakes could be by making a ton every Saturday).

It’s been a crazy few weeks and Fridays come with more week left to get work done if that makes sense. Kind of like having more month at the end of your money.

Regardless, Friday was fun this week. I should start putting dates on these things so I can look back and see where we were.

Starting today.

Day 89 – Friday April 25, 2014

Day 87 – Trying to Explain Angry Jesus

And I’m staying true to that commitment. I need to keep a journal nearby, though, so I can actually remember something if I don’t write that day.  Luckily, something just popped to mind.

Wednesday I had a client appointment way out in a far-reaching suburb and didn’t get back home until like 6:46 and went and watched The Jesus Movie with the kids.

I came in when He was coming into Jerusalem and soon after got all WWE on the moneychangers and merchants in the temple.

The semi-frustrated Jesus didn’t compute with the Jesus my children knew from Sunday School.

After all, the biggest sign of righteousness in a kid is not making a mess, so Jesus turning over tables and setting lambs free from their pens seemed a bit unrighteous to our little ones.

I explained as best as I could. Hopefully they got it. And hopefully, if they see any tables of people selling goods at our church, they won’t come through and turn them all upside down.


Day 86 – Ovens and Kitchen Gadgets – A Thank You to Steve Harvey

So the question on The Family Feud was something like this: “What do couples use from the kitchen to get things cooking in the bedroom?”

The obvious answers came up: whipped cream, chocolate sauce, strawberries, honey (no wine, surprisingly).

We died laughing for about 5 minutes over answer number 3: Oven/Kitchen Gadgets.

We can’t for the life of us figure out…

  1. How do you incorporate an oven into the marital bedroom (or any bed situation for that matter).
  2. What other kitchen gadgets (the spoon/spatula idea was addressed in another answer).

I won’t ask for comments to this post to poll others’ experience. I’m not sure I want to know.

And while sitting around watching The Family Feud might scream “they’ve given up”, I don’t think so. We laugh every single time we watch. It’s pretty funny. Thanks Mr. Steve Harvey.

Day 85 – Fevers and Sleeplessness

One of our little fellows got a strange fever yesterday. No throwing up. No other obvious symptoms. Just a fever and some chills and general orneriness.

I slept on the couch. You woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me that twin number 2 was wandering around upstairs with a fever, also. You wanted me to come help.

We discovered, though, that your sleepy haze tricked you. It was all the same kid.  Twin number 2 was still nice and snuggled in his bed. Thankfully.

The thing that hit me was this: Our kids are hardly ever sick. We are so incredibly blessed. So many children are really battling horrible diseases and get sick all the time. We have been so, so, so blessed.

Day 84 – That Blue Dress

I know it’s Easter, and I should say something spiritual.

But you looked beautiful in the blue dress you wore.

It  took my breath away and caused a smile to erupt on my face.

Maybe loving my wife’s beauty is spiritual enough.