Because you are compassionate…

There have been a few events recently that have reminded me how compassionate you are and how soft your heart is.  Most notably, my mom got in a car wreck a few days ago.

Nobody got seriously injured, but it was a pretty crazy wreck: tire flew off a car on the other side of the interstate, it bounced on the concrete median and then slammed into the pickup truck my mom was driving. It hit the bar that runs up between the driver side window and the windshield. It busted out the windshield and the back window exploded after the truck came to a stop.

Thankfully, the tire hit where it hit and didn’t hit the windshield head on. That could have been tragic.

So… the way you talked about it and the look on your face over the next couple days when it came up were a comfort to me. I can’t really describe it, but empathy with the fear and the emotino my mom had to have been feeling meant a lot to me.

Thanks for your compassion. It’s part of what I love about you.

Because You Take ’em Blueberry Pickin

I loved driving around on a sales call this morning and getting the snap shot of our boys picking blueberries and our daughter w/ sons up on a tractor.  I know that’s typical summer activity for a Stay-At-Home-Mom and three kids under 5 in 100 degree weather, but still….  You could opt to stay in the house all the time.

Heck, even when you do that, there are paints and crayons and projects going on. I’ve mentioned this before, but you do such a wonderful job creating little moments. Our little ones might not remember specific trips to berry farms or to playgrounds or picnics, but they’ll remember that that stuff was woven throughout their early years.

They’ll remember that what Moms and Dads do is take their kids to parks and create moments, like that ‘Just Fishin” song by Trace Adkins. It’s not just going to a park or berry farm; you’re connecting and loving and encouraging creativity and denouncing couch-potato-ism.

So… I love you for how you create moments.  You hooked us up w/ another date night for tomorrow, so you do it for us to!

I love you!

Because It Was a Crazy Night

Last night our bed was invaded by two, unable to be comforted little boys. They wouldn’t stay in their cribs, but they sure as heck wouldn’t lie still in ours either.

I’ll admit I was worn out, tired, had to text my coffee appointment to cancel that 6:30 am meeting. I was frustrated and angry that our sleep was screwy because of our needy 2 1/2 yr olds.

Then I realized they are 2 1/2 yr olds. That’s what such aged kids do. We’ve actually been blessed so far in truth. They have slept through the night since very, very early. They are definitely going through a maddening schedule shift now (early wake ups and fitful sleep).

Why this whole thing is a reason I love you, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s just the fact that you and Ivey to experience these little glitches together. Sometimes we get impatient and even short with each other. But in the end. Each tough moment gives us an opportunity to be better spouses and parents and grow.

So, I love you because we get to have interrupted sleep patterns together.

Because I Live For Your Smile

I know I’ve mentioned your smile before.  I’ve mentioned wanting to make you happy before. I’ve probably mentioned that I’ve been the reason in the past that you’ve struggled with smiling.

As you know, I’m pretty introspective. I’m trying to notice when I start getting a little anxious or bothered. When I get that way, I try to figure out the source of the feeling.

I’ve realized it’s because there are times when I just can’t make you the happiest woman in the world. That’s okay because that’d be a heavy burden if it were all up to me. Still, the level of joy I feel when I know that you are truly happy is through the roof. I live for that. (call me codependent if you want) 🙂 

As I said, I’ve royally failed at times in my effort to give you joy, but that doesn’t mean that it was ever any less my goal. 

I truly believe that when couples marry, something mystical and spiritual happens. Just as I know that my joy can’t depend on how you are at any given time and yours can’t depend on my ability to give you joy, there still is a connection.

Your joy satisfies me deeply. Because this is true, it’s evident that I’m deeply in love with you.