4/30/15 – Day 459: Our Last Hammock Hurrah!

This was a wonderfully fun day! More fruity drinks, more pool time, and a lot of sunshine!

You were hilarious and sweet and adorable and cute, among other things (as usual).

Thank you again for making this your desired 10th anniversary gift. It was so good to get away with you!


4/29/15 – Day 458: Hammock Beach – Day 3, Pool Day!

We finally had some time by the pool. And by the look on my face, you can tell that I’m a happy camper!

Fruity drinks, chicken tenders, hot tub time, pool time, reading time, and just hanging out.

It was a blast and what we were both looking forward too.

So glad we’re doing this (as you can see by my goofy grin)!

2015-04-29 14.08.56


4/28/15 – Day 457: Rainy Vacay Day, Working Out, and Chilling Out

The weather wasn’t our friend today. But it never got as bad as the reports said it would get. And it didn’t stop us from having a sweet time!

So we worked out and too another long walk on the beach. We chilled out on the white chairs and had some wine.

Admittedly, I keep having a hard time chilling, always feeling like I have to strategize stuff like parenting and my career. I apologize for that.

I pray that the rest of this trip, you and I will be simply present with each other… simply enjoying each other. You’re a fun, beautiful woman and I’m so thankful for you and that you chose me.

2015-04-28 16.20.58 2015-04-28 10.51.54

4/27/15 – Day 456: Hammock Beach, Day 1!!!

We did some shopping and some pool – laying out. And some beach walking.

The weather wasn’t perfect but it was a wonderfully relaxing first day at Hammock Beach.

And we had pizza at some random pizza place in Bunnell, FL. And I got 13,300 steps in.

It was a sweet, active yet chill day. If only we could figure out the ice thing. 🙂

I love you and am loving spending 5 days alone with you for our pre-anniversary trip!

2015-04-27 15.49.26-1


4/26/15 – Day 455: We’re off!

Today we left to go on our 10 year anniversary trip.
It’s been a long time coming. I won’t say it was much needed or much deserved but it is much appreciated. Although maybe the other two work too. You and I needed this time away together.
You are the love of my life and sometimes the ‘life’ part stifles the romance part of the love. We get to enjoy the romance part.
Now for details.
Nothing says romance like brunch at Cracker Barrel. 🙂 But you know how much I love that joint when we’re on the road.
We did settle things up a bit more with our dinner at Catch 27 in St. Augustine. It was a sweet, quaint little back porch table. Like our own private dinner.
It was a wonderful kickoff to our vacation.
2015-04-26 10.51.04 2015-04-26 19.22.03

4/19/15 – Day 448: How Many Wardrobe Issues Are In Our Future?

Forget the fact that we know what primary colors are and all the other His Kids craziness.

Just focus on the fact that this little girl, if she has her desires, will have a lot of costume and wardrobe issues in the coming years.

She’s our drama queen – in both good and, well, dramatic ways. She’s in love with it and she’s also pretty good at it. And as she says, ‘It’s my passion.’ (as she clutches her chest in yearning and hopes and dreams).

2015-04-19 11.13.49