Because we have a daughter…

You and I participated with God in creating a beautiful little girl. She shares a lot of the good that we both have. Yet she also has a ton of good that, quite frankly, is the God part of it. If we don’t do anything else to influence the world through our marriage, we’ve given it our little girl.

Because You Break My Heart…

Of course, you don’t break it in the traditional way. The cheating, emotionally/verbally abusive, mean-spirited way.

Sometimes, it just breaks my heart when there’s nothing I can do to help. When you’re in the dumps and I can’t say a word and/or you don’t want me to say a word (or anybody for that matter). I absolutely hate it that you feel the way you do sometimes

Always in the back of my mind is the fact that I’ve made some rough choices here and there in the past and that maybe it’s my fault when you’re feeling bad. Of course, that’s kind of selfish for me to think. Just saying how I feel.

Praying for you today. Never feel bad about wanting to call, talk, and just tell me to shut up and listen. I’ll be happy to do it.

I love you.

I confess…

Lately, I’ve felt like you and I are starting to head to a deeper level in our marriage. With anything, to bust through any kind of plateau, there are some difficulties.

I just sense from you and I’ve felt it in me, that we’re growing individually and that we are heading toward wanting to have greater depth in our communication. I feel we’re more willing to have healthy disagreements. We’re more willing to confront each other and call each other on our crap.

Getting along and having some sweet times are awesome, but digging in and making each other better and better people is the stuff that influencing marriages are made of. And since we were married, I think we wanted to have a marriage that was such that we’d be able to positively influence other couples and families.

I want to do that with you. You’re an incredible woman.

Oops! It’s been a few days

The funny thing is that we’ve had a wonderfully subtly sweet few days over the last few days. It’s been really nice.

A few things that stand out that are some of the things I’ve loved about you recently:

1.  You did some awfully cute craft projects with our kids.

2. You specifically requested cuddle time yesterday.

3. You made your delish chicken pot pie.

4. We’re working on getting in better shape together–always good to have a partner in crime.

5. We’re in a good rhythm with the kids sleeping, although Sam has been a little early riser.

6. I love doing all the stuff we do–with you.

Thanks again for being all in my life! I love you!

Because You Got Good Moves…

One of my greatest pleasures are your eruptions into dance. We aren’t a big top 40 household, but last night you consistently delivered Beyonce-esque performances….

This is how you do it:

1.  You sense that I’m about to come into a room you’re currently in.

2.  You wait, in position…

3. Right before I turn the corner, you begin dancing whatever kind of semi-hip-hop white woman jig you do

4.  You smile the whole time.

I absolutely loved it.

Thanks for helping me have a fun night last night via your sweet dancing, yo.

Because you’re adorable…

Today, I’ve been thinking about just how cute you are.

From the way you just got frustrated with me on the phone to the way you fall asleep on the couch when you’re exhausted to the one-liners you drop on me in the kitchen once we get all the kids to bed.

It’s a pleasure being your husband. I’m a lucky, blessed man.

Because You Consign (and you do it very well)…

It’s that time of year (one of the two times a year) when you work your ass off and help make our family some money w/ our kids’ old stuff.

I appreciate how hard you work on this.  Mostly, though, I love to watch you do it. I love how meticulous and detailed you are. I love how careful you are to do things right.  It speaks so much at your gifts and the thumbprint of God on you: You care about your work. You care about being excellent.

I love you!

Because You Do Projects…

I loved getting an email from you today with a picture of the craft project you did with our kids–the ‘Rainy Day Craft Project.’

First, the project itself was cute. I could see them sitting there working on it.

Second, it’s cool that you do those projects with them–that you’re a creative mom.  I’m so thankful that you work hard to find things for them to do. You take your job seriously.

I love you for that.

A Few Thoughts…

What’s going on my lady?

Last night we had our last bits of sugar (in the form of cake, cookies, ice cream, chocolate, etc) and alcohol until after Easter. Yes, we are getting all Lent with our diet.  I’m trying to think of a couple good habits for us to take up during the same time period and maybe a focus or two spiritually.

The thing I like about doing this is that we’re doing it together. We’re on the same page. We both know that sometimes we don’t take the best care of ourselves and this is a time to reset. We’ll probably get annoyed with each other, but that’s ok.

I pray that during these next 47 or so days, that we’ll grow closer, get healthier, feel more energetic. If we can pull that off, it’ll be a win. Then we’ll have some cake.