Days 117-120 Memorial Day Weekend!

Days 117-120 – May 23-26th, 2014

Pardon my laziness, but I was away from the keyboard most of this weekend. We did a lot and my current week is slammed. I’ll just offer up a few pictures from what was an extremely fun and full Memorial Day weekend.

We’ve been blessed to have made friends with a wonderful family. We spent much of Sunday and Monday with them. We also had some nice couch time. We’re catching up on Scandal at the moment. I’m not sure if it’s the most edifying TV program to watch, but it keeps things interesting.

So this is what we did:

  1. Friday Night: We got cheap pizza and watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
  2. Saturday Morning: You went to the gym and went swimming while I allowed the boys to attempt to dig to China
  3. Saturday Evening: I helped dog-sit the puppy across the street. I’m not sure if we did anything else crazy.
  4. Sunday Morning: I made pancakes.
  5. Sunday Afternoon/Evening: We went swimming (thanks to our neighbors) and had a little cookout with our friends later.
  6. Monday: You went to workout while I hung out around the house. Then we had a fun cookout! ‘
  7. Monday Night: We continued our Scandal marathon. Still not sure how much I love the show, but I want to know what happens!

Here’s a few snapshots of the weekend

I'm a Pinterest Man

I’m a Pinterest Man

14 Memorial Day Kids Digging

Digging to China

14 Memorial Day Kids Hanging

Kids being kids

14 memorial Day Kids in the Pool


14 Memorial Day Pancakes

Who doesn’t love a mound of pancakes?

14 Memorial Day Watermelon

Memorial Day requires watermelon

Day 116 – Life Is Her Jam

Born to Perform

Born to Perform

You missed this one, but as per usual, our girl was at home up on the risers in front of the room.

It’s funny. She’s getting a little more shy one on one (although she loves a party), but she’s starting to thrive anytime there’s a song to be sung.

I love the way you put it: ‘Life is her jam.’

I honestly don’t know if there’s a better thing to say about someone.

Day 115 – The Boys’ Preschool Graduation

These guys graduated preschool. They will make brilliant kindergartners!

If any other parents read this, let me make a suggestion that will sound like horrible parenting but worked out okay.

Teaching 3 year olds to read:

  1. Get a pile of Dr. Suess books
  2. Help your child find YouTube (but be in the vicinity because Fox in Sox might return something different than a Dr. Suess reading).
  3. Let the person read to them while they follow along.
  4. Rinse and repeat.
  5. Of course, it probably helped that they are twins and they practically had this as a hobby from end of their 2 year old time into their 3s.

I know you’re sad and a little scared that they will be moving up and will probably be split into separate classes. You’re a good mom. It’s for the best. We’ll pray and pray for them.

the boys' graduation picture

Day 114 – Tuesday was a Tuesday

We watched 24: Live Another Day after eating your picadillo over rice.

It was a Tuesday evening in the suburbs. Admittedly, I’m writing this on the Friday after as it’s also been a very busy week at work and I’ve not been able to sneak time as easily as normal.

Tuesdays with Tina? Sweet, basic, perfect.

Day 113 – Last Week of School…

Day 113 – Monday May 19

I know some day we’ll pretty much forget about the last week of our daughter’s first grade year and the last week of our boys’ preschool careers. They will all be in the big fancy elementary school next year.

They are growing up. It’s sweet and sad.

I’m learning, though, that one of the worst things to do is to worry about their growing up. It’ll happen. We might as well focus on the moment as best as we can.

Worrying that ‘soon they’ll be graduating’ is dumb. We miss things when we worry about how fast time flies and how soon they’ll be going from American Girl dolls to worrying about Mean Girls.

So, let’s enjoy each moment with our little ones. It’s the little moments that build toward big things. We miss the little moments, we’ll have small relationships. We take advantage of each small moment, we’ll have big, strong relationships.

I suppose the same thing goes for you and me. Let’s do a bunch of little things well, how ’bout it? 🙂

Day 112 – The Old and the New

It was my last day with my brother and my dad up in the North Carolina mountains.

I was glad to get back home that afternoon, but it was definitely an interesting couple days.

The old was leaving and the new was coming. We are redoing an ancient bathroom. The Ingles has a Starbucks in it now and the view of the Lake is slowly getting crowded out by over-zealous trees. These trees are way too persistent in their whole growing deal.

But I do think the cabin has plenty of space for more family fun and memories. I know our little ones love it. We had our honeymoon (partially) here. We’ll have more opportunities to eat too much, take walks, get freaked out by a random bug or varmint (come on… it’s in the middle of the woods). We’ll complain about the lack of technology. but we’ll love every minute of it.

SBux in CashiersView of the Lake

Day 111 – Saturday in Glenville

We threw this refrigerator away. I believe it’s been at the mountain house since the thing was built back in the late 50s. I almost felt guilty about it.

Antique Fridge in the 'Ville

It might have been fun to fix up and make into a fun little piece of some kind of furniture or display-ish type stuff.

But what do I know? I sell insurance for a living.


Legacy, though, is what I was thinking about. This fridge reaches back to when my grandparents built the cabin. It reminds me of eating watermelon on the porch, playing cards as the sun sets, and taking walks down to the creek that makes it’s way over the rocks and under the washed out bridge that used to link both sides of the mountain that the cabin sits on.

I hope that we can leave little imprints of pleasant memories on our kids and grandkids that will make their way into the world someday.

Day 111 – Saturday May 17, 2014