Because You Were Born

I had deja vu as I typed this post’s title. I’ll have to go back to your birthday last year and see if I titled it the same… and as I look at the ‘permalink’ it appears this title was assigned a ‘2’, so yes, I’m repeating myself.

(I also want to apologize to anyone who might have received an unfinished version of this post)

Your Day

Yesterday was your birthday. First, I’d like you to recall what happened:

  1. You got sick: You had one of those nasty, every-part-of-the-body-aches colds (I had one two, but I could hang with grownups all day).
  2. I got up at 5am to bake you a cake.
  3. I don’t bake, so I over-filled the cake pans and now our house still smells like burnt, crusty cake (it looks like cake lava along the bottom of our oven).
  4. The cakes fell.
  5. While you were giving a bath to two of our children, one of our sons (pardon the TMI) pooped on the steps and decided to track it upstairs.
  6. While you cleaned that poop, the other two started pouring cups of water out of the bathtub onto the bathroom floor.
  7. I think there were another two or three things that I’ve blocked out of my mind.
  8. Happy Birthday, right?

But after I got home, you were in such good spirits. It was you gave the bad stuff of the day the finger and said, ‘It’s my birthday, yo! You ain’ gonna ruin it!’

We proceeded to enjoy some margaritas and Cuban sandwiches—and the cake, for all it’s ugliness, tasted pretty good.

Glad You Were Born

I’d also like to take a moment to confirm to you how happy I am that our lives intersected when and where they did. Were you not born, there obviously wouldn’t have been that intersection. Birthdays always make me think of why people get where they are and all the events that lead up to where they are.

The wonderful thing is that all your twists and turns and all my twists and turns provided an opportunity for intersection. While we still twist and turn down our paths together, I always go back to that poolside at that going away party where you and I set in motion our relationship.

Back to your birthday: Happy Birthday! You are a gift. You were created—wonderfully and beautifully. You have a purpose. You are loved. You are a princess. You are precious.

My Surprise Party

Thank you! What a wonderful night (about a week and a half ago now)! You pulled one over on me and I would have loved to have posted about it earlier, but I was on vacation last week.

You invaded my email (for good reason) and found my friends and made sure a cross-section of my life was in my parents’ kitchen when we showed up to ‘go out to dinner’. I was tipped off a little when I saw a table decorated in the family room, but no less surprised.

Thank you so much for taking all that time and putting so much effort into it. The word is you’ve been working on this for 8 months. I felt so loved by you that evening. And impressed. I mean, how easy was it to keep it a secret and to pan all these things with 3 little ones on your hip all the time? And I’m glad you didn’t tell them because they would have ratted you out.

So… thank you and I love you for thinking through all the details–the red M&Ms only (I felt like a rock star with one of those screwy backstage M&M requests), the pictures from my childhood every where, the desserts that were perfectly filled with chocolate chips, the taco bar–our favorite comfort food, the margaritas (our favorite comfort drink).

You amaze me often. That saturday evening was one of those moments.

Because You Plan Good Parties

We’ve celebrated our daughter’s birthday 3 times: once with her friends, once with just the 5 of us, once (today) with the extended family. Every time you added a different twist. You baked cupcakes, mini-cakes, and regular cakes.

You really made each party special. Each event was warm, relaxed, and perfect for our daughter and the audience. I particularly loved the love you put in the cookie pops. If I wasn’t posting from my phone, I’d pull a picture of the flower pot of cookie pots you made for the little girls’ party.

Thanks for putting your all into making moments special!

Because You Were Born…

Today’s your birthday–happy birthday. My non-secret blog has a little post about that today, too.  Although I wonder if you found this one. It seems that some days when I post and come home, you seem sweeter to me. Maybe it’s  my brain playing the tricks…. Dang I’m digressing.

It’s your birthday. I’m glad your mom and dad found each other if only because of the concoction that brought about you–my wife and the mom of my kids. You are truly a blessing from God. You make up for so much that I lack: you’re disciplined, you’re wise with money, you’re grounded, you know who you are. I was on this like continual search for myself when I actually found you. And I know I’ve not always been the biggest prize, but I’m so thankful you’ve stuck it out so far.

So today, I shall have some M&Ms at work to toast you. Tonight, we’ll figure out some kind of fun food that you like (wings, ribs, brownie a la mode); maybe we’ll have a midweek margarita in honor of your heritage.

I know you didn’t have a choice in the matter, but still, thanks for being born and making it way down a few years until I happened across your path.