Because Holiday Weekends Are Fun…

…because of you.

I love grilling and having a couple beers and finding a pool and chilling out. You always make them fun.

I love you.

Because You Got a Little Teary-Eyed When Phillip Phillips Won…

There you were on the corner of the couch, getting a little happy for our fellow Georgia-boy. Unfortunately there’s not a good video on YouTube of the actual finale performance–just the performance show. It’s up for now on the front page at

And I loved the fact that you yelled at the TV for him to go get his kidney fixed now that he’s done.

Because You Plan Trips…

If it weren’t for you, we’d never avail ourselves of my family’s mountain cabin (glorified double wide). Right now, I shouldn’t be writing this but should be wrapping up my work so we can get on the road.

As a matter of fact, if you had a site called ‘Why My Husband Annoys Me’ (vs. Why I Love….), it’d be because I try to squeeze just a bit too much into my days.

But today, we get to go to the place where we sit on the porch and look at this:

Near Cashiers, NC

Because I Want to Grow Old with You…

I was on Facebook and one of those conversation starter type people asked, “What are your dreams?” after she expressed what hers happens to be.

Admittedly, in my current career, I’m not clear on what my dream situation would be or what my dream house is or where it might be, etc.

The first thing that came to mind was that sweet old couple we saw the other night when we were out for our 7th anniversary date. They were mid-70s, holding hands across the table, smiling at each other, whispery conversation. You said, “I want that.”

That came to mind as a dream. I would like to grow old with you and still want to hold your hand and know that you still want to hold my hand. I’d love to sit up on the balcony at a quaint small-town downtown restaurant and enjoy your company.

I see people all the time getting itchy feet and wanting change. There are some folks who just can’t stand not living in the excitement of that initial attraction phase.  But if they stopped and thought about it, they might realize that doing the hard work in marriage produces couples that hold hands down the line.

I’ve not always been willing to put in the work. Sometimes I’ve been selfish. But there is absolutely nothing I want more than to have you by  my side and our children and grandchildren visiting us when we’re old and wrinkly and make food that they think is gross.

Because of that Skirt and Top

I won’t post a picture of you from our daughter’s graduation today, but I will say you were adorable yourself. She was cute, but you were every bit the hot soccer mom.

Just thought you might like to know… it is that new blue tank w/ that white skirt that you said you ‘were just now able to get back into’.

You’re a beautiful woman.

Happy 7th Anniversary!

I was tempted to show this blog to you for our 7th anniversary, but it just felt like I should wait a little longer. I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever show it to you. 🙂

To put this 7th anniversary in context….

  1. We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Salt in downtown Roswell and a delicious desesert at Kelly Kakes (or something like that–the store seemed to have 4 different names, but it was yummy).
  2. Our children are 3 1/2 and 5. The boys are obsessed with body parts. Our daughter loves to sing and dance and perform for everybody regardless if the context is appropriate.
  3. We work extremely well together at home. You are launderer extraordinaire. I work the kitchen like a 13  year Cracker Barrel veteran.
  4. We struggle in keeping our budget–both in keeping track of it and being faithful to it. This is a place where we need to grow.
  5. We sometimes feel like we’re barely scratching by and staying on top of parenting, dating each other, keeping track of funds, and taking care of ourselves physically. Other times, we feel like we’re knocking it out of the park.
  6. We love Next Food Network Star, New Girl, Two Broke Girls, Parks & Recreation, and I endure Smash with you.
  7. I cannot watch the Braves play that often because we dumbed down our cable to locals and kids’/educational shows. Consequently, you and I don’t have E! or ESPN and similar stations.
  8. You are getting more and more beautiful to me.
  9. We are still learning how to better love each other.
  10. We both have an affection for tequila.

My sole goal this year is to strengthen our marriage. I have other things written down, but I’ve also singled out that as my main focus this year. It will always be the most important relationship in my life.

I love you and am thankful for the nearly 10 years we’ve known each other. There are areas where I’ve grown that I wish I didn’t have to grow in, but I’m thankful that I’m better at loving you today than I was when we met. I hope I get more better to use a horrible grammatical phrase but an accurate visceral one.

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Mother’s Day!

The word ‘Mom’ doesn’t define you, yet you are beautiful at being one.

I know you don’t always feel like you do a wonderful job. I know you don’t always feel like the picture of patience and grace. I know you sometimes are confounded by how to get our children from point a to point b without losing your ever-living mind.

Those things come with the job, I know. But this is what I see.

You are passionately in love with our children.

You glow when they do something funny or cute. You grin when they make one of those ‘what the what?’ observations. You beam with pride. You cry when you know they hurt. You effuse about the surprisingly endearing quirks that make each of our three children unique. You snap pics and text them to me when you capture them doing fun stuff.

You passionately defend our children.

You steel yourself when you think of possible wrongs done to our children. You don’t dive in and get involved if it’ll hurt our children’s ability to learn and grow, but you are aware and you’re watchful. You are aware of things that might try to chip away at their confidence or their enjoyment of how they were created. You work to keep them strong in who they are.

You tirelessly look to give our children experiences.

I write about this a lot, but you’re always looking for things to do with our kids. Blueberry picking. Babyland General. Park after park after playground after playground. Kidventures. Grammie’s School.

I normally write these while at work. Now I’m taking my chances to write while you’re getting ready for bed. I need to cut this short. It’s also almost our anniversary and we had a beautiful dinner in downtown Roswell, GA, a couple glasses of wine, and some chocolate. The last thing I should be doing right now is typing on a computer. I’m coming up to join you, yo!

I’ll discuss our 7th in a couple days on the actual anniversary. I love you!