Day 61 – Because of This Little Girl

7 years ago we met this little girl for the first time.

Today, we celebrated her with some morning donuts, a school lunch visit (you, the boys, and your mom), and an evening pizza and cookie cake along with movie night.

You are doing a wonderful job as her mom. She’s turning into such a sweet and strong little girl.

Bday Girl Web

Day 60 – Because You’re Telling Me to Stop

I’ve been absolutely stressed as of late. I wear too many hats at my current job. I have 3  or 4 side gigs going on. I’m trying to keep up, but I’m getting ornery.

You told me that something needs to stop. I need to not keep adding to my plate in order to prove that I’m worth something at work or otherwise.

You said, “You can’t sustain what you’re doing and you shouldn’t have to keep adding stuff in order to try to force a raise. It won’t work. You’ll do too much and won’t be able to do it well.”

I needed to hear it. So thank you. I love you for telling me to shed some baggage.

Now I’m not sure what to shed – I wish you had the crystal ball to tell me that, but either way, thank you for forcing it.

Let’s see if I listen.

Day 59 – An Ode To Sue Heck

We love Sue Heck from The Middle

She exudes positivity when no one really should at all.

She is all in whenever she does anything.

We always say how much our little girl has a little Sue Heck in her. She just gets so amped up to try new things, to get involved, and to generally experience life.

Sue, you went to prom on Wednesday night (Day 59, 3/26/14). You went with your fave dude Darrin.


My wife and I watched and cheered you on because if anybody on TV deserves good things… it’s you, Sue. You really deserve it all!

Go Sue Go!

Go Sue Go!

Day 58 – The Final Fire (Please Spring… Please)

After we shuttle the kids off to bed

And don our jammies and put burgers between bread

I bundle up and head to the wood pile

And create what I hope to be our last fire

We’ll eat our burgers with cheese

And finally meet the wife of Ted Mosby

And then we’ll snuggle as the temp dips to 33.


Day 56 – American Girl, Cleaning Up, and more Zombies

As per usual, our Sunday was a mash-up of all kinds of miscellaneous family stuff.

You and my mom took our daughter to American Girl to be overwhelmed by the ridiculous amount of stuff to sift through. Our little girl was in heaven. You and my mom, apparently, were amazed at the volume of items that could cause a ‘Mommy, I want that!” reaction.


Eeny, meeny, miny, mo… catch an AmGirl buy (misspelling intentional) her toe…

We cleaned the house some… always good to start the week with a little neatness.

Then we ended with The Walking Dead because for some wild reason it’s your favorite show (second? Drop Dead Divas). Go figure. 🙂


You love this guy. You’re totally Team Daryl (vs. Team Rick – if there is a Team Rick)

We're going cable free in a few days, so watch out Netflix

We’re going cable free in a few days, so watch out Netflix

Day 57 – A Case of the Mondays

Half of the day on Mondays, I have to recreate everything that happened on Friday and half of Thursday to make sure I don’t miss anything at work.

This Monday was no different. I was distracted and had a lot going on.


But in the end, we had hamburgers with homemade guacamole and a little couch time.

So even if I started out the day with a case of the Mondays, I ended it with a full belly and full heart.

Day 55 – A Perfect Day with the Family in Downtown Roswell

It was absolutely wonderful. Ridiculously beautiful.

It was one of those days between the cold and the muggy, polleny, hot spring where you can be in a long sleeve shirt and shorts. Or jeans and a t-shirt. Or jeans and a sweater or shorts and a tank top.

It was perfect. We ate at Diesel near downtown Roswell. I took our daughter to the Chattahoochee Nature Center while you were at a birthday party with the boys. We took a stroll.

It was perfect…

Day 55 1 Day 55 2

Day 54 – Saving Mr. Banks

We watched this on Day 54 (which happened to be a Friday night).

You fell asleep. I cried near the end.

I loved watching the love between a father and his daughter.

But I was sad when the father was so broken that he couldn’t return his daughter’s love with a longer life.

My heart broke and while I watched, I couldn’t help but wonder what I… not as a banker, but as an insurance man… can do to prevent myself from falling into the wrong mindset. The dad in the movie was, more or less, in a cage. It didn’t have to be a cage, but the bank became that for him. It’d be easy for me to allow this insurance agency to become a cage for me.

I won’t let it happen. Because of you. Because of our girl. Because of our two boys.

Day 53 – Chicken Philly Night

Do we enjoy food too much?

Chicken Philly sandwiches are kind of close to my heart. We used to get them at Barnacles with a big Caesar salad for takeout when we lived in the townhouse. Or we’d get wings.

But now, we make these bad boys ourselves just like we like them. And they always come right on time.

Depending on where we are in our lives when you finally read this, I might still be in the ‘taking pictures of the food while I cook as if I’m a food blogger’ phase. Or I might have decided I don’t have enough room on my iphone and nobody really cares anyway.

These days, though, I’m happily in that phase so here’s a picture of our Philly:

032 Chick Philly

Day 52 – Life is relentless like a firehose

Maybe it’s a first world problem, but you know, I don’t care.

We have plenty to eat and a mostly safe place to sleep and access to health care. So yes, we do have it good.

But then there is this other thing. The thing where we do have plenty to eat and a place to stay, but the constant demands that those things require of us can become overwhelming. It’s our fault mostly, but still it is what it is.

And then there’s scheduling and work commitments and  comparison traps and school forms to be signed and so forth and so on.

Life comes at us from every direction and quite frankly, I just want to sit and let it pummel me sometimes.

I love you and in a way kind of miss you. I texted you that we need to have a date, but I’m not sure how to pull it off in the next couple days. We need it though. We need to shut the firehose of stuff for just a few moments, maybe a couple hours and go get a sandwich and take a walk.

You and I need to connect. We really need this.