Because We Had a Fantabulous Weekend!

We just got done with a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. Thanks so much for making it fun!

And the times that were a little stressful (the blinds falling on me which seemed to uncork some child craziness and my impatient side), you were such a support and comfort and comic relief.

Thanks for being all those things to me.

Other than that, we had a blast slip-n-sliding at my parents (I acted the fool while you watched), our kids playing in that dirty little pool, having ribs, watching Return to Me, going to the Sprayground, and so forth. It was a sweet, sweet weekend.

I love those with you.

Because You Are a Super CEO and COO…

You’ve always been stellar at taking care of our home and making sure it’s a safe, clean, peaceful place for the kids and me. I’ve been truly blessed that way.

I just way to give you a shoutout today. For some reason, I’ve been seeing these last couple weeks that you go above and beyond. You truly are the chief executive officer, chief operations officer, and chief activities officer for our home.

You’re a lot more, but I’m posting from my phone, so its taking extra energy just to focus on the physical act of typing.

Just know that you are highly skilled. Proverbs 31 describes you. You are good at what you do. You are excellent at it.

I don’t love you because of it. I just know it’s a reason I’m a lucky man.

Because We’re Growing

Both of our anniversary cards said things to the affect that ‘Our lives are crazy, but in the middle of all that, I love you, adore you, want to grow old with you, smoochy, smoochy.’

It’s the ‘grow old’ part that gets me. We’re not just growing older, but we’re growing. Because we’re growing and trying to become better people, we get better at loving each other.  I feel like today, 5/16/11, I know how to better love you than I did 5/16/2005, the day we got married.

Because we’re growing, we don’t mistake ‘no arguments’ for marital perfection. We don’t mistake ‘quiet’ for ‘peace.’

For me, I’m growing because I no longer worry nearly as much about my personal self-actualization. My highest calling is husband and dad.  The work and career piece? Those are important but not top billing.  That little growth doesn’t sound like much but whereas in the past if I couldn’t decipher what I was to be doing with my life, then I’d go into little mental tailspins. Now, I’m learning that what I’m doing with my life is loving you and our kids.  The other piece is in perspective and can morph as God sees fit to clue me in.

So, I love you because we’re growing. I love you better because I’m growing.  And I love watching you grow.

Happy Anniversary Baby!

6 years ago today, I conned you into becoming my wife.

Sometimes, you feel blessed. Sometimes, you probably do feel conned.

I just want you to know that I’m so thankful that God gave me you (remember that kid’s book?).  You’ve been merciful and gracious. You’ve put up with my stuff and you’ve dealt with my inconsistencies.

You’ve also loved me for me. And that’s all a man can ask. That’s all anybody can ask.

You, though, have been a true, sweet companion. And by true, I mean consistent, committed, strong, and single focused on our kids and me. I mean ‘true’ in the sense that a bow shoots an arrow ‘true’ or straight and consistent.  You’ve been sweet and kind. You’ve been a joy and a source of laughter. I love your slapstick dances and your laughing fits. I love the way you look at things and the way you sometimes trip over your words.  You’re beautiful and sexy and I just love being with you.

My hope for us is to grow every day (or at least every week–it gets tiring to grow every day.  We’ll get better and better at loving each other and ourselves and our kids. We best also get better at loving God (maybe receiving that love even more importantly).

I’d love to send you this link, but I don’t feel free to give you this yet. 🙂

I love you!


Because You Keep Me Sane

Like a lot of these posts (I don’t go back and check to see if I’m revisiting anything too often), I’m having a little deja vu.  Who cares.

You keep me from going nuts. Seriously. I don’t know what kind of nuts I’d go–depressed, fetal position nuts; manic put my hand through a wall nuts. There are times when you truly, truly, truly keep me sane.

I’ve had a strangely rough week. I don’t really know why. You’ve been wonderful at just the right times. For some reason, you being outside in the garage with me last night cleaning up that kids’ slide for the garage sale soothed me. We didn’t talk much. You were working your tail off. I was reading old journals. Just being out there with you calmed me.

Thank you and I love you.

Oh yeah, it’s our 6th anniversary on Saturday! Yoo-hoo!

In Honor of Mother’s Day…

I’ll let our daughter’s card from school be today’s post (and your recounting of it):

“Maggie was so excited to give me a Mother’s Day card from school…My Mom is Special because…she plays with me. I like it when my mom…hugs me. My Mom can do many things! I think she is best at…making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. My Mom is pretty as…an Easter Egg. My Mom is smart! She even knows…how to exercise! : )”

That is the tip of the iceberg: You love the fire out of those kids. You would die for them. You give your all for them. You try to make sure they have cool experiences. You give them structure. You give them fresh air. You keep them safe. You want them to be better people than we are.

Because You’re Being Very, Very Understanding…

I’ve been freaking manic at and about work lately. I’ve been working my fanny off to produce more and more.  It’s almost gotten to the point of obsession. I know as exciting as my industry is (wink wink), I’m not sure how much you love to hear a 35 minute monologue every night.

But you’re being extremely sweet and understanding and kind. I appreciate it a lot and I think you understand why I’m on this kick.  My goal: provide for our family, allow our kids to do little things like swimming lessons, soccer, a little music class here or there, hire a babysitter, go on a date, etc.

Sure, retirement, but mostly, right now, I want to give us some breathing room. I know all I can do is my best and trust God with the rest, but while I’m a little wrapped around the axle, thanks for being in my corner.

You’re a precious gift. And it’s almost Mother’s Day! And you’re an awesome mom!