Because She’s A Clip-Master

By ‘Clip-Master’, I simply mean she knows how to clip coupons and save.

Today, she spent $51, but saved $42. That is pretty huge in the long run. That’s two months worth of trash pick up. That’s a gas tank full of gas. That’s a bottle of silver tequila. It all adds up.

She does it all the time. I love her for it. But I’m not going to drone on today because it’s Friday and it’s almost 5pm and she probably wants me home so she can have a break. She deserves it.

Because She Yearns to Be the Best Mom She Can Be

This is a tough one. And following a few moms and dads on Twitter, I’ve discovered that my wife isn’t the only person who struggles with feelings of inadequacy as a parent. Heck, I feel it often. The other day at my parents’ house, my daughter had no problem giving an emphatic ‘No!’ to adult requests regarding her behavior. I was drained and spent and had a hard time parenting her in those situations. How do you train your kids to be blessings to others. But I digress, this is about my wife.

Tina kills herself mentally sometimes about her skills as a mom. I see her and watch her with the kids and know she’s an awesome mother. She takes care of them. She gives them fun things to do. She gets them out of the house. Three children 3 and under are a tough assignment for the best of us.¬†

I just wish I could sit her down and tell her that having occasional bouts of impatience, struggling with getting the kids to do exactly what they’re supposed to do every time, and a list of other moments do not a ‘bad mom’ make. Caring, trying, looking for opportunities, trying to grow. Those things, she does and those things, a good mom make.

So, for working so hard and desiring to be the best she can, I love her for those things.

Because She Can Rock a Dollar Menu

My wife can feed a small village with like $8.53 and a fast food restaurant dollar menu.

She’ll have like a pile of roast beef sandwiches and fries and walk away from the drive-thru window with more money than she came in with. Probably sells the toys and pockets $.75.

That’s a skill. I love her for that¬†because I usually spend $6.00 by myself because I can be kind of an undisciplined lard-ass.

Because She Keeps Herself Together

Despite what she says, ‘I’m fat, I’m ugly, I’m this, I’m that.’ I think she’s beautiful. She keeps herself together. She takes care of herself. She gets a walk in when she can. She doesn’t sit around with 1/2 gallons of ice cream (or whatever they’ve shrunk to) and shovel it in her face: “I’ll wait for Friday to have a drink or to have an ice cream sundae.” Sure she struggles with a sweet tooth in weak moments, but who doesn’t struggle with something at various weak moments?

She keeps herself together–for the kids, for me, for herself. I know it’s not always easy, but I love her for it.

Because She Keeps the House Together

I was thinking this morning when I reached into my underwear and t-shirt drawers that I’m pretty lucky to always have stuff in there. Keeping up w/ the twins and our daughter all day while doing laundry, folding it, and putting it away is a minor miracle.

I know women (a few men here and there) have been doing these chores for centuries, but it makes it no less amazing. Maybe folks in the past just didn’t realize how amazing it was. Juggling wanting to take good, attentive care of three kids three and under while getting a chore done here or there. It really is a feat.

So here’s to you, my wifey: I love you because you get laundry done and keep the house from falling into a pit of messiness while making sure our kids are loved and cared for. You’re a good woman!