Because of your sweetness…

I love coming home from work.

You peak through the short hallway between the kitchen and the family room. Sometimes there’s a slight smile. Sometimes there’s a look of relief (if there’s been kid battles all day). Sometimes you have a sneaky ‘when will he notice something I did around the house, to my hair, with the children’ expression on your face. Sometimes there’s a smell of some new culinary feat (often it’s cookies).

Regardless of whether your stressed, happy, excited, or tired. It’s sweet to come home to you. It’s sweet to be loved and to love you. It’s sweet to have a family with you and to be going through the fun and sometimes trying times with you.

I love you.

Because of the Little Things You Do…

You are constantly doing little things to take care of me and the family.

Here are a few that you did over the weekend:

  1. Decorated the house early for Christmas
  2. Made chocolate chip cookies
  3. Let me watch football
  4. Had fun on our day trip out to Augusta for our nephew’s birthday party
  5. Gave me a choice between putting the children to bed or doing dishes
  6. Let me go to the grocery store (a weird one, true, but I enjoy grocery shopping)
  7. …………. 🙂
  8. Suggested Starbucks on our drive home from Augusta (we don’t do that ever)
  9. You left a note on our mirror again, this time thanking me for letting you sleep in so much (that’s less about love and more about self-preservation)  🙂

I’m sure there were more, but I should get to work. It’s the Monday before Thanksgiving and this guy has to get some things done so he can leave early on Wednesday.

I love you!

Because You’re Good Work

You know that saying, “It’s good work if you can get it?”

Well, my Bible Study this morning was talking about marriage. How much marriage and loving a woman for the duration is not what you think it’ll be when you get married, but it’s much sweeter, deeper, and awesomer once you figure out that it’s work and it’s work that’s worth it.

I know I’m a chore sometimes. Sometimes I’m amazed at how God works. He knows what I need. He knows where I need to be changed. He also knows that He put in me what you need. It’s like when you have a job that you love. You love to see something wonderful created. You love to build the business. Sometimes, you have to slug through difficult, unexciting tasks, but the end product and results are totally worth it.

That’s how marriage is sometimes. Our marriage and family is my most precious work. And work is an awesome thing. If something is worth it, work will be involved. You’re worth it, babe. You’re worth it.

Because You Put Santa to Shame

You already finished our Christmas shopping!

How wonderful it is for me to have someone who runs a household like  a well-oiled machine. Last night, you walked me through all the presents you got for the kids.

It’s great to know that where I am weak, you are very, very strong (as far as talents, personality style, gifts, etc.).

So thankful we’re done – that you made us done – with our Christmas purchases. I look forward to enjoying the rest of the season in a bit more relaxed way!

Because You’re Taking Our Boys to Get Glasses

They are not excited.

When they are not excited, they are not always very…. easy to handle.

Today, you’re taking them to get glasses. One said that he wouldn’t open his eyes as long as he had the glasses on.

The other, well, isn’t much more happy about the situation.

Hopefully, they’ll push on through and make it super simple for you. While I’m working with adults, I hope you realize how awesome you are at working with our children!  Of course, with cuteness like this, how hard can it be? 😉

Test run at LensCrafters

Test run at LensCrafters


Because You Made Donuts

I took Sam to breakfast for a little daddy-son date.

You stayed home and made homemade donuts with the other two.

Pumpkin spice donuts – baked in a pan. Very delicious and mostly healthy!

I love that you did that and the kids loved it and I liked ’em, too.

You are awesome.