Because I Get To Cook for You…

Yesterday, I made steak salad with walnuts and bleu cheese crumbles (we actually bought some decent stuff) and a homemade balsamic vinaigrette (super easy, by the way).

I made it because you pretty much requested it. You actually don’t know how fun it is for me to cook for you. I love when you’re in the mood for something and I can concoct a plan to make sure you get to put it in your belly.

The corollary to this is that I love to be able to take care of you in some ways that go beyond necessity to your pleasure. I love it that you do the same thing for me (see also your delish desserts).  My desire is not only to continue to cook for you, but to learn how to anticipate your needs.  More importantly, to ask you and to discover your needs and wants and desires. We’ve only been married almost 6 years. I’m sure I’ve not learned everything yet. Not to mention our needs and desires can be moving targets.

I love that I can cook for you and make you happy. That sounds like I’m patting myself on the back, but it’s something that gives me pleasure, so I mean it.

Because It’s Date Night

I suppose this isn’t a reason why I love you. Because I love you, I look forward to the few date nights we get.

You know what I need to do? I need to make at least a night a week or every couple weeks an in-home date night. Even if we can’t afford babysitters all the time or we don’t want to impose on our parents, there’s no reason why we can’t have a night every few days at home that feels like a date night.  We’d get some kind of take out (no clean up is a key benefit of date night). We’d pull out some nice plates and sit in the dining room. Then maybe we’d rent a movie or play a game or do something like that.

Because I love you, I need to do a better job at giving you special, dedicated, sweet times for just the two of us.

Can’t wait to go watch a flick with you tonight! It makes a work day so much better.

Because a Few Words Mean a Lot…

Yesterday was your birthday and it seemed like it was a really sweet day. The kids were good for you (I hear). Naps were had by all (including you). The boys played all day long with their puzzles. I’m amazed at how much those puzzles can hold the attention of 2 yr old twin boys.

We ate good. We relaxed.

Today, you sent me an email: Subject-Thanks for… (body)…a sweet day yesterday!

Funny how I am… that’s all I need from you. I know how much you mean everything you say and that you never talk or write just to talk or write. So… when you said the day was sweet, then I know you had a good day.

That makes me happy.

Because You Were Born…

Today’s your birthday–happy birthday. My non-secret blog has a little post about that today, too.  Although I wonder if you found this one. It seems that some days when I post and come home, you seem sweeter to me. Maybe it’s  my brain playing the tricks…. Dang I’m digressing.

It’s your birthday. I’m glad your mom and dad found each other if only because of the concoction that brought about you–my wife and the mom of my kids. You are truly a blessing from God. You make up for so much that I lack: you’re disciplined, you’re wise with money, you’re grounded, you know who you are. I was on this like continual search for myself when I actually found you. And I know I’ve not always been the biggest prize, but I’m so thankful you’ve stuck it out so far.

So today, I shall have some M&Ms at work to toast you. Tonight, we’ll figure out some kind of fun food that you like (wings, ribs, brownie a la mode); maybe we’ll have a midweek margarita in honor of your heritage.

I know you didn’t have a choice in the matter, but still, thanks for being born and making it way down a few years until I happened across your path.

Because You Are Perfect the Way You Are…

And by ‘perfect’ I don’t mean that you’re a perfect person. God knows nobody’s perfect.

By ‘perfect’ I mean that you have been given and have in you everything you need to do the stuff and be the person you want to be. I get a little sad when you go through these moments of complete upset about yourself. I never know what to say to you to convince you that despite the imperfections you see about your appearance or about your skills as a mom or about whatever else it is that you obsess over at times (by the way–we ALL obsess over some things sometimes), that you are perfect for the job you’ve been given, namely wife, mom, sister, friend.

We all have things we can work on, but as we get better, we can appreciate where we are. If we want to lose weight, we can be content with our lives but work hard to drop some lbs. If I want to get better at being a sales weasel, I can enjoy my job while I work the kinks out.

I see you, sweetie, as the woman for me. Regardless of anything you think about what I think or every have thought in my life, I can’t imagine life without you. You are perfect for me. You are perfect for our kids. Might we make some mistakes along the way? Yes. Will we get better? Hells yeah.

I love you!

Because You Cry over Our Kids…

Last night we were watching American Idol. The show had a twin auditioning and his brother encouraging him and congratulating him.  I can’t describe it well, but here were two 16 yr old brothers who had to spend a part of their younger lives in shelters with their parents. They had lived through a lot, and they were totally in each other’s corner.

It touched you: You cried knowing that our boys would have a sweet bond that not many have (although dang if twins aren’t crawling out of the woodwork these days!).

You think about our girl–crying when you imagine her being a strong, sweet, independent girl: friend to all, sweet to all, confident in who she is.

You have high hopes and dreams for our kids. What I love is that as much as we want them to be successful academically and financially, you always are more passionate about the prospect of their character. Your biggest desire is that they be people of character.

I love you for that.

Because I can’t imagine coming home to anybody else…

There are times when I know you’ve had a rough day, and I’m a little nervous to come home.  There are days when there’s a lightness to your voice when I call and you laugh a lot.Those days, I’m not so nervous.

But either way, I couldn’t imagine coming home to a different home, to a different family. I look forward to when we can finally shake off the day. I love the bobbing and weaving through the kitchen and jockeying diapers and toys and dealing with fights and goofing off with the kids.

I especially love around 7:30 when everybody’s settled and we’re getting dinner ready or cleaning up and easing into the evening.

I truly can’t imagine those harrowing 2 hours happening in any other way. We work well together (in my humble opinion).