Because the teacher called our daughter ‘Responsible’

The question was whether we need to send money in with a note so our kindergarten daughter can get ice cream at lunch.

The respones from the teacher:

It’s fine if she has money on her account and you send in a note.  We just need clarification from parents so some parents send in a note and some parents send in cash.  Some of the kids are sneaky so we just have to be careful.  .  She told me she can have ice cream today so we are all set. She’s very responsible and I saw her note so we are good!

Thanks so much!

Well, I hold you responsible for giving our girl the stuff to be considered responsible by her first public school, non-church school teacher.

I’m sure I helped a little bit, but I think you’ve done most of the heavy lifting. I hope you felt a bit of satisfaction when you read that email.


Because You Paint the Baseboards

We have kind of an unspoken separation of duties at the house.

I’m supposed to mow, paint, fix (no laughing allowed), cook, do dishes.

You do laundry, clean, keep track of where the kids need to be when.

We’re in the middle of painting the dining room.

I tried to post some pictures, but WordPress doesn’t seem to be allowing it.

Anyway, you took it on yourself to paint the baseboards (I hate painting baseboards) while I was at work.

Thank you for that.

Because Neither of us Are Guaranteed Tomorrow

I know this is a little dark, but I thought today that crappy stuff happens all the damn time.

People kick it before they should. People get badly hurt. Any number of things can happen.

I’m not trying to be depressing, but every once in a while, I question why I don’t try to squeeze more out of every moment.

When I get home tonight, I’ll be tired. Part of me will want to check out. I know I need down time, but I also need to get more out of every moment with you and the kids.

I’m not guaranteed tomorrow. I should realize today is a pretty great opportunity.

Because It’s Great to be Home

The last three weeks have been crazy!

We went on vacation two weeks ago, so I spent the previous week trying to make sure my office was in shape.

Then this week, I had a business trip to Chicago and it was our daughter’s first week of public school (ever).

So, it’s been crazy. I loved being there for her first day of kindergarten, but I hated missing the rest of the week!

I’m glad to be home–to start our school year routine. As much as going on various trips can be fun, there’s something about just having the schedule and getting into the rhythms of a family.

It’s good to be home and it’s good to get things back to normal.

I love you.

Because I’ve Been Busy

That’s not a reason I love you. It’s a reason I’ve not posted in a couple weeks.

Although because you are understanding and supportive when things are bonkers, I love you.

Also, because, when we’re both busy, we are great support for each other, I love you.

So sure… because I’ve been busy, I love you!

And I’m looking forward to our first beach vacation with the kids. For Americans, isn’t that nearly child neglect not to take your child to the beach until she’s 5?

I can’t wait to get away for a few days with you and relax (or at least have fun).