Because You Worry…

You called earlier to warn me about the weather, knowing my office is in the interior of my building and that a twister type storm is coming. So I’m putting on my jacket as I write this.

Thanks for thinking of me! I love you, lady.


Because I’ve Been a Jerk…

Technically, the sentence “I love you because I’ve been a jerk” doesn’t make much sense.  Maybe, “I love you because

Perhaps, being a jerk and doing dumb stuff in the past has shown me how much I stand to lose.  You are, outside of my faith, the most positive thing in my life. You, the kids, and then I guess the rest of the family.

You are the truest, least full of guile, most honorable person I know. You and my dad. 🙂

I know this is about you, but sometimes I see myself against the background of you and shutter. I’m s0 blessed to have you and honored that you’ve stuck with me these years.


Because You’ve Been Knee Deep In It…

*Note my normal disclaimer–this could be a repeat of theme

Our kids have had tummy bugs for the last several days. You hate germs which is good because germs cause tummy bugs.  You’ve had to assembly line diaper changes and that’s enough.  With twins, I know it’s been a pain.

Thanks for keeping up w/ them and not freaking out too bad (although it’s totally allowed).

On a side note, I just talked to you while you were on a walk. It was sweet. You’re sweet. You were all power-walking and trying to tell me stories.

I love you.

Because We Had Fun (and You Looked Beautiful)…

You were dreading our Valentine’s party on Saturday (the one where my men’s group hosted the wives).  Going into a group where you don’t know too many folks can be daunting.

That said, we had a wonderful time and I was so happy to enjoy the evening with you (and to win the Newlywed Game–can’t wait for some Outback takeout).

And you looked beautiful.

Because You Know I’m Stressed…

I’ve had a series of rough days recently. It’s been nice having you to come home to. I know I’ve probably been a bear–sorry about that.

One of the bad days, you met me w/ a margarita at the door. Yesterday, you just gave me a hug and did your best to encourage me. And you did. I felt loved and encouraged. It’s good to know that there’s someone who truly hurts a little when I hurt. Thanks for being a shoulder for me and an ear.

Just like you women don’t always want us men trying to solve your problems when you share them, I don’t need you to fix my stuff. I just need to be able to have a rough day and have a healthy outlet to share my frustrations. In addition to so many things, you’re that healthy outlet. I’ve not always used you that way, but I’m getting better and it’s so nice that you’re there.

I love you–thanks for letting me go through it and be a little strength for me.

Because You Bring Peace…

I do believe this is a repeat, but the peacefulness in our house has been tangible this week. Yes, we have little toddlers and a preschooler who go crazy on occasion and who cry and who are difficult to understand at times.

That said, you do a wonderful job at maintaining the place, at making it feel warm, inviting to me when I get home and safe for our kids. Even if we can’t always keep up with intense cleaning and laundry and we get worn out, you do a superior job at keeping clutter at bay (sorry when I’m one of the worst clutter culprits).

You actually are having a rough day as I type this. You’re not feeling great about yourself and you feel a little ‘less than’.  I wish you knew how much I appreciate you (and I know–I’ve been an ass a time or two). You are truly, truly one of the three solid things in my life: God, you, our kids.  You are beautiful and sweet and funny and have so much to offer….. I think I’ll write another post and schedule it for tomorrow (the day that is causing you stress when you think of it).

In the meantime, know that I feel like we have a house that is a sanctuary. Thanks for that.

Because You Laughed This Morning…

…despite going through something that would have made me cry.  As the story goes, you gave the boys a bath this morning before taking our daughter to preschool. Whilst putting on Boy 1’s diaper, Boy 2 was in his room and proceeded to drop a steamer. Thankfully, it was of the ‘having eaten too much cheese or bananas variety’ (hard) so the clean up wasn’t so bad. But still… it’s poo on the carpet.

While you were tending to that little happy situation, Boy 1 decided he wasn’t done with bathtime (I guess you left the water in) and he decided to get back in the bath tub. Of course, he was fully clothed. So wet and clothed.

I would have been so frustrated!  And then I hear our daughter when you called me arguing about wanting you to put the peanut butter back in the jar so she could do it herself.

So, thank you for keeping your sense of humor, for not flying off the hammer. You’re totally within your rights to do so, but as it was this morning, you called me and laughed and we shared a little bit of the first part of our day together. It was really sweet–although I still feel horrible for you. Heck, taking a quick break at work to write a blog post while you’re herding preschoolers.

I love you!