9/30/14 – Day 247: Thank You For Your Encouragement

On this particular day, I had a lot on my mind and you let me talk it out on the phone as I drove to Costco to get us paper goods (isn’t it amazing that you can’t get out of there for less than $80?).

Anyway, there are moments when you show how well you know me. You are a huge source of wisdom for me. I need to be better at asking you to impart it to me. I really lean on you for your well-grounded, calm approach to certain things that drive me crazy.

Thank you. You encouraged me today.

9/29/14 – Day 246: Sam’s first tooth fair visit… and banana ice cream

Toofs and ice cream

Toofs and ice cream

Well finally! One of the twins finally lose a tooth today.

And you made some banana ice cream. Score one for mom! I wish I were home to have a few spoonfuls, maybe with some chocolate chips and chocolate sauce all poured in there.

Thanks for always taking such good care of my babies while I’m at work. ย Even though they aren’t really babies anymore.

9/28/14: Take a Day and Chill Out!

McD's, but No Playground - In Your Honor. :-)

McD’s, but No Playground – In Your Honor. ๐Ÿ™‚

I took the kids to church today. You were sweet enough to let me go out of town the week before, so I worked my hardest to try to give you plenty of time today for you to have some alone time.

I included this picture in sepia tones because it makes McDonalds look nutritious.

When I got home, you had practically deep cleaned the house which was very sweet of you.

It was fun hanging w/ the kids. It alway sis. They’re good people. You’re doing a great job, there momma. ๐Ÿ™‚

9/18/14 – The Falcons Killed the Buccaneers

Thursday September 18, 2014

What I love more about the Falcons destroying the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is that you actually care that the Falcons destroy the Buccaneers. ๐Ÿ™‚

You’re not an intolerant football wife. You actually get into it with me. I love that we can enjoy that together.

And on this particular evening, I was about to head out of town, so you were very sweet to me by letting me go out of town in the first place.

Thanks for being a football fan. It’s one of the things that puts you in the ‘cool chick’ category in addition to the awesome wife category.

9/16/14 – Day 233: The Baked Potato Night

You were sweet this particular day with your baked potato and salad dinner plan.

It was an empty the fridge night, and we were on the last leg. One potato. Two adults. Salad.

And then there were Tostitos and spinach dip from a little football party on Sunday. So we promptly filled up on chips and dip and then pretended like the baked potato and salad over-stuffed us (except for the room we left for Moose Tracks – the gut always has room for Moose Tracks ice cream).

That was our Tuesday. A nice dinner. One more episode of Royal Pains. Then I wrote. And you caught up on The Duggars (those crazy folks!).

Sweet weekday.

9/12/14 – Day 229: The Boys’ Birthday Day!

We were equally surprised that the boys wanted more of a to-do for their birthday. They’ve been a little shy and haven’t loved being the center of attention, so we didn’t plan a huge get-together. ย Plus it was early in the year, their first year of school, so friendships haven’t been solidified yet.

Family evening time and then a Saturday at the arcade.

But we misjudged it a bit. The boys really wanted to come home to the cousins and friends and the grands all in one place.

You made a cool pac-man cake, though. Simple and neat.


Mostly, though, on their birthdays, I think of you and your warrior-like work of keeping those boys through 37 weeks inside the womb. They tried a few times to come way, way too early, but you submitted to the bedrest and you took it easy and they came as healthy as we could expect.

We were so blessed. Good job mom!


9/7/14 – Day 224: I Might Repeat Myself

I don’t want to always just drop in a slice of life into these posts.

The purpose wasn’t to give you a running commentary on the year and a few days between when I started this and when I hope to give it to you (5/14/15 – but please don’t be mad if I miss that date due to editing and such).

While I could count the stars and come up with a new way to talk about your awesomeness, I might… might come back to the things that really drive deep how important you are to me and the kids.

Your humor

Your beauty

Your kindness

Your sense of duty and commitment

Your self-discipline

Your love for our kids

Your legs

Your smile and your laugh.

Among other things.

I tend to think we don’t love people because of the quantity of good stuff they bring into our world, bu the depth of a few good things that they bring into our world.

I love you.