5/11/15 – Day 470: The Stress Switch

I’ve been battling insomnia and worry around work issues.

You’ve been extremely kind and helpful – while also not allowing me to wallow.

This morning, you basically told me to turn my stress switch off. Easier said than done, but that’s okay.

I took it as a call to be diligent and do the things that I can do.  That’s all I can do. That’s all you can do.

Do what we can and trust God with the rest.


4/8/15 – Day 437: My 15 Minute Workout

So for your birthday I bought you ‘www.realfitnessmoms.com’ because I think you have a ton to offer. You’ve been working out consistently for like 2-3 years. It’s impressive.

I asked you to put together a quick hit 15 minute workout for me.

You did. It probably took you all of 10 minutes. It took me a solid 15 minutes and a lot of sweat (and full disclosure, as I write this 2 days later –  my abs, butt, and legs are still hurting pretty bad).

You know your stuff and you should get certified and teach this stuff to real moms who want to get fit.

Plankety plank

Plankety plank

Your Workout Wisdom

Your Workout Wisdom

3.29.15 – Day 427: Chess games and sleepovers

Smart boys.

Social girls.

Of course, they are all sociable and they’re all smart, but given the choice, our boys would be doing math and tinkering with a science experiment while Maggie would be making a new friend on the playground.

I love how unique and awesome these kids are – these children that I’m blessed to have with you.

2015-03-29 08.48.15 2015-03-29 08.40.32



12/4/14: Day 312 – The Elf Loves some Jazz Piano – and Candy Canes

(Author’s Note: I’m behind. I admit it. But I don’t want to publish Christmas posts in March, so I’m going to catch up by writing current posts while I fill in the gaps of old – I’ve taken notes and pictures and have some drafts, but I’ve not posted all things because, well, life.)

So we adopted an elf this year, and as you know, the elf (lovingly named Jingles by our daughter who, in your words ’embodies the spirit and wonder of Christmas’) kind of freaks me out on a number of levels.

Jingles seems to be very kind and sweet and undestructive. Let’s hope he stays that way!

jingles the elf on the shelf loves snoopy

Jingles Loves Snoopy’s Piano Stylings


10/15/14 – Day 262: What the what?

I suppose I should tell you thank you for dealing with this math with our daughter.

You are a much more patient person than I. This whole ‘math strategy’ thing is dumb. Why can’t they just do math.

The daily doing of homework is something that you do that I’m so thankful for.

Why can't they just do math?

Why can’t they just do math?