Because You Asked Me to Pick up Zaxby’s

We never get takeout and you just texted me with a request to pick up greasy yet delicious chicken.

And Zax sauce. It’s awesome.

I love it when you allow us to be gluttons.

Because You’ve Inspired My Crafty Side

Okay, this will be a blatant use of my ‘why I love you‘ blog to toot my own personal horn.

I suck at crafts. You, on the other hand, are awesome at crafts.

I’m still no good at them, but with the magic of stencils and those little pumpkin carving kits, I’ve developed a taste for carving those big orange squashes.

So… thanks for encouraging me to craft (and delegating custom pumpkin carving to me). It’s fun and, honestly, wins me some browning points with our children.

Here are my creations (obviously, I’m also not a photographer)….






Because You Went to Jen Hatmaker’s Event Last Night

Although she’s known for her hijinks and viral blog post about being the worst end of school year mom ever (over 350,000 Facebook shares as of this post would be considered viral, right?), Jen Hatmaker is actually super passionate about making inroads into the culture through pouring out the love of Christ on people.

You went to her talk at North Point last night. I stayed home with the children.

Neither one of us, actually, knew what her program would be about, but as it turns out, it was all about challenging us. How will we engage our world with the love of God?

This and the recent Storyline Conference seem to be telling us that we need to not only be diligent and passionate about our family and parenting and our marriage, but we should also realize that you’ve called us to reach out.

I’m simply thankful that we are on a journey together and I’m excited about where we might go.

Because You Are Watching a Zombie Show

We are normally very vanilla in our TV shows: A few sitcoms, maybe an hour-long evening show every once in a while.

But recently, we started from square one with The Walking Dead.

Your friend encouraged you and, well, now we watch a show during which your head is in a pillow about two-thirds of the time. You don’t love the way zombies actually look. Or the sound they make when someone has to dispense of them.

Yet you keep coming back. As a matter of fact, you even cried last night because of a touching moment in the show.  Honestly, it’s amazing how a show as gross, strange, and far-fetched can produce the array of emotions that The Walking Dead tends to produce.

It’s actually pretty fun. I don’t know if it’s the most edifying fare, but for someone who won’t even watch a CSI, NCIS, or Law and Order, I’m amazed you’ll step up to this thing.

Because We Shot Guns Together

Bad combo: I have a lot of life insurance and you are, apparently, a pretty good shot.

We both shot at your sister’s house this weekend. We both had never really shot before. 

GI Tina

I realized you’re a better shot than I am! 

I cut a video, but can’t figure out how to post it here and I don’t have time to set up a private youtube account to show it, so we’ll stick with you carrying your AR-15. That vacuum cleaner box had no idea what was about to happen to it!

Anyway, it was fun. We shot some guns and wasted some ammo. I’ve never done it before and, honestly, I don’t feel the draw. The guns still make me a nervous fellow. 

P.S. I could tell how much you’ve been working out. Your triceps were redonkulous when you were holding that .44 and that Glock! 


Because You Give Me Thursday and Friday Mornings

You know how important my small groups are and you give me the grace and space to leave the morning routines to you on Thursdays and Fridays.

Marriage can be hard work at times and way too many guys don’t realize that they need other guys who are doing their best to be men of integrity, men of faith, and men who grow.

Guys tend to stick it out and suck it up and go it alone, figuring if they don’t already have the stuff to be perfect at everything, then they won’t get it from ‘sharing’ w/ a bunch of other dudes.

I know better. I’m not smart, but I know I’m dead on the vine without my bros.

So thanks for giving me the space so I can encourage and be encouraged by a bunch of other idiots. Collectively we do okay. 🙂

I love you!

(for those who have no clue who the ‘you’ is in this, see my about page).

Because You Cut the Boys’ Hair

Cutting our boys’ hair is like herding cats – only louder.

But today, you took a number 2 to J and a 4 on the top and a 2 on the sides for S.

You deserve diamonds and other jewels from me for doing that.

Plus you saved us about $40 as we didn’t have to take them to one of those kiddie haircut places.

Thank you. You’ve threatened every time to take them in the next time, yet you still pull out the clippers and do your best. 🙂