Because I’m Hoping You’ll Hit Storyline with Me

We’re in Atlanta. The Storyline (Don Miller’s conference) will be in Nashville in October.

I’m so geeked out about wanting to go to this with you! I know you’re not as big of a conference freak as I am (as a matter of fact, since we’ve been married and had kids, I think I’ve not really gone to any), but I think it would be so much fun for the two of us.

So… I texted the parents and will probably make sure we go even if my parents can’t keep the kids that weekend. We got 6 months. I’m sure we can figure out something by way of childcare.

Question for others who might read this thing: How many of you have gone to a non-marriage conference with your spouse? Did it strengthen your relationship to go through that kind of thing, even if it wasn’t directly related to marriage? Just curious!

Because Being Married and Being a Parent is Rigged

I’m not sure if this fits cleanly into the ‘Why I love you’ formula, but I thought about it this morning at my men’s Bible study.

Many people approach marriage and being a parent as the next thing that will make them happy.

How many people have thought…

If only I were married, then…

If only we had kids, then…

The ‘then’ is often something along the lines of ‘then I’ll be fulfilled’ or ‘then I’d be happy’ or ‘then I’d find my purpose.’

While those might be true to some excuse, I’ve found that being married and being a parent doesn’t lead to glorious bliss and self-actualization.

The institutions of parenting and marriage were created by God not only for our pleasure and to populate the planet and whatnot, but also to refine us.

Refiners Fire

The ‘then’ to me is ‘then God will show me what it really means to love someone and where I need to allow Him to change me.’

I say being married and being a parent is rigged in that those who think it’s all about their fulfillment forget that God set the deal up. And while He’s concerned with our joy and our ability to love and be loved and create decent human children, He also is concerned that we become the people He created us to be.

Marriage and parenting are simply two of His tools to do so (see Eph 2:10).

I love you because God knew what I needed. So He gave me you and our children, not only to love and cherish, but to do some of His refining and sanctifying work through you.

Because I Heard This Song & Thought of You

This early morning on the way to work, I heard this song for the first time (due to my podcast addiction, I’m probably 1 1/2 years too late hearing it.

It was 5:30am, so maybe that’s why it got to me and brought a tear or three. But sweetie, you’ve loved me graciously, mercifully, and sweetly. I know it’s not always easy. Don’t think I don’t realize that.

Of course, it was followed up by this song which did it to me too…

Thanks to this new station around Atlanta… 98.9 The Walk. They have managed to figure out combining Christian and country music. Surprised nobody thought of this sooner.

Because You Helped Me with My Checklist

I’ve been trying to implement a daily checklist. A few ‘keystone habits’ that should help me maintain focus on the important parts of the top priorities in my life.

One thing on my list is to spend 30 minutes on some home project. This doesn’t have to be glorious. As you see here… it’s simply ‘clean off dresser’:

4.22.13 Daily Checklist

Well, when I got home last night from work, I discovered some serious cleaning – closets, shelves, desks… and my dresser. I didn’t add anything else. I just checked off my box. As long as it gets done, right?

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but thank you for all your hard work. It’s because of you that our house had a good amount of peace.

Because You Watched the Parenting DVD with Me

We sat down last night and watched a session of House or Home? Parenting Edition, by Chip Ingram together.


We’ve been going through it in my men’s Bible study and thought it might be good for us to watch together. Parenting isn’t always easy, despite having the world’s most perfect children!

I was happy to know you watched another session by yourself. It’s funny how learning a hobby takes study. Learning to do some DIY project takes study.

But we leave things like parenting and marriage to ‘intuition’ and ‘gut feel’. It’s a good idea that the things that will most define the effectiveness of our lives (our marriage and our children) should cause us to get in the books a little bit–to study.

They’re worth and you’re worth it.