Because She Isn’t Satisfied…

There are some important distinctions between contentment and being satisfied. To me, you can be content in all situations, yet still not be satisfied. I can have peace with myself at 250 lbs, but not satisfied with my health enough to work on it and lose weight. I weigh 206 and am shooting for 180, but that’s beside the point.

I just got done talking to my wife, and she mentioned she wanted to start screenprinting tee shirts. She seemed a tad sheepish, yet excited. I told her to go for it! What was cool is that although I think she’s relatively content, she’s not satisfied with just being all about me and the kids. She wants to develop her interests and skills. She wants to go for it and try some new things out.

This isn’t necessarily easy for her to do (I can relate), which makes it all the cooler. She’s not satisfied. She’s developing herself and growing.

I love it when she tries to dip her toes into something. Hopefully she’ll love it (or something else) and dive right in!

Because She Is Beautiful

As much as I grow to appreciate more and more the character of my wife and the way she handles situations and the fact that she endures a lot as a Stay At Home Mom, I’d be remiss if I didn’t highlight the fact that I just think she’s beautiful.

When we first met, I was struck by her sweet, soft beauty. She embodies the best of ‘pretty.’ Low make-up, light freckles, nice skin, bright smile. Cute figure, to be sure, and killer legs. She’s not your runway beauty, but the girl-next-door that you love to hang out with after the other kids go home from playing hide-n-seek.  Often just a little unsure of herself, she has never carried herself with any aloofness or cockiness.

She has a beauty that makes you feel at home. I feel at home with her and love being close to her.

Because She Does a Lot of Little Things

I got home from work yesterday and she was close to tears. From what I could tell from earlier email/phone correspondence, it wasn’t the best day. She was in her running gear ready to go. I was later leaving for home than I wanted to be, and Atlanta traffic reared its ugly head and didn’t help.

Yet after she left and I started making my way around the house on my ‘just got home from work’ routine, I noticed little things she’d done throughout the day. Something rearranged. Another item put back in its place. Some shelves that had grown into dumping grounds cleared off.  Previously full laundry baskets were emptied, clothes put away.

I’m never upset if little things don’t get done. Treading water makes sense with our kids at their ages, but she pushes through to do a few little things most every day.  I love her either way, but the little things make me smile not so much because she did them for me, but that she sets little goals for herself and gets ’em done.

Because She Makes Me Happy

There’s not a whole lot more to say about this one. She just makes me happy.

I’m so tired that I don’t know if I will do this header justice. Let’s just say she makes me happy. I feel at home when I’m with her. I feel complete with my family. I feel like she’s my partner. I’ve not always been the absolute best husband, but it has nothing to do with how I feel about her or our home. Dudes can be jackasses sometimes.

That being said, when I think about how blessed I am to have landed this chick, I smile. It’s tough a lot of times, but I’d not want to be doing this deal (life, family, whatever) w/ anybody else. God gave me who He saw fit and He totally got it right.

Because She Has the Best Laugh

I was just on the phone with her. She’s tired. Ridiculously tired from helping to set up a consignment sale for the local mothers of multiples group.  She was describing some items she was picking up for our kids. I was trying to picture the clothes she was describing.  But like an oaf, I was reading a magazine on the toilet.  I was kind of done, though, and I told her: “I should go because I’m on the toilet and I’m ready to get off.”  One of her quick, sharp, loud belly laughs popped out. I was being a little gross, but she’s loopy, so she laughed.

I absolutely love the sound of her laugh. It’s one of the reasons that I love her.

Because She Is Starting to Take Some Chances…

My wife is, by nature, introverted. She’s incredibly personable in a group once she’s in the group, but at times, she struggles with wanting to jump in in the first place. 

Recently, she decided to volunteer to be a part of a moms’ group in town. She’s been a member of the group for a couple years now (it’s a mothers of multiples group and we have nearly 2 yr old twin boys), but just recently she volunteered to be the head of a committee: the outreach and ‘sunshine’ (I think that’s what it’s called) committee. She’ll reach out to women on bed rest in the hospital, new members, help coordinate any charitable initiatives, etc. This also puts her in with all the leaders of the group.

I know there are a lot of Type-A, president of the PTA type women (and men) out there, but my wife, by trade a staff accountant, is more of a behind the scenes type of lady.  This takes a little courage. I’m proud of her for it.

She’s so skilled in so many areas, and this is perfect: Nobody feels uncomfortable or ‘less-than’ around my wife. She has a way of putting people at ease that is a real gift. I love her regardless, but I’m proud of her for taking this chance of putting that part of her out there.

Because 3 Toddlers are a Lot…

Sometimes it’s not always specific things she does that reminds me how much I love her. It’s just her general job description. As I see it we all have a home job description. Hers happens to be ‘Take Care of 3 Toddlers’. Oh yeah, there isn’t anybody who can fill in for you if you take a day off. There really isn’t a way you can take a ‘personal day’ and just lie around for a bit, watch some mindless TV, browse at Target, etc.  And your weekends, well, as nice a guy as your husband might be, you really still don’t have either of those days off.

So, she plows through. Last night she went to bed w/ one of those pointy, in the forehead headaches. She also woke up with that same Tylenol-immune headache. The boys were screaming. Our little girl was wanting to change DVDs every 15 minutes. I had to go to work.

Let’s just say, as much as it’s imperative that I go to work and stay present there, it’s awfully hard knowing that she very well might have a rough, semi-thankless job at home while not feeling her best.

So, one of the many reasons I love her is that her job description is just plain hard. It’s hard. Selling insurance isn’t a cup of tea, but that toddler duty… as wonderful as it is (she loves it)… I just know it’s one of the most difficult jobs a person can have.

To all of you Stay at Home Moms and Dads, thank you! To mine in particular: I love you and wish you the best today and every day! You don’t know how much it means to me that you do a great job with our little fellows and our little lady.

Because She Does Them Consignment Sales…

I love Tina because since we’ve had our daugher and little boys, she has participated in every consignment sale her ‘mothers of multiples’ group has put on. This is hard work. If you’ve done a consignment sale, you know that it is hard-ass work! If you’re a husband of a woman who has done a consignment sale, you just say ‘yes’. Period.

Anyway, it’s a lot of work and she does it meticulously and consistently and it normally pulls in a few hundred dollars that we can plunge back into toddler gear. It’d be easy to just toss all the stuff in bags and send to Goodwill (and that’s not a bad thing), but she takes the time at a time when our family can use any little bit of extra cash available to help.

So, here’s to you, My Lady, thanks for hooking us up w/ some cash! And for all your hard, hard work!

Because I Can Sense When I’m Missing Her…

This morning I woke up and left my wife a short note: ‘Tomorrow night, we need to have at least an at home date or a date-ish evening.”

I left the note because the last couple nights have been those busy type evenings. Tina is working on consignment sale stuff. I’m doing other chores. Last night I went to play tennis, came home and worked out. She was in bed by the time I was done.  I start to miss her. It seems I have a two evening maximum where we can do other stuff. What stinks is she has girls’ night tonight. Stinks for me, but she needs it. Having the three toddlers at her heels all day–she needs some adult female company!

So tomorrow night is us night. It might be as simple as going to pick up some food w/ throw away plates so we can be together and not have to clean the kitchen. I need me some Tina time.

I love that I miss her even when we’re in the same house.

Because I Can…

As much as I love Tina for the stuff she does and who she is and how she looks, there are sometimes I sit and think I love her because I want to and she allows me to. I’m blessed to have the opportunity and the privilege and blessing of loving my wife. I have a wife that I can love. I choose to. I don’t always do the right thing or act right or even talk right to her, but I always love her. She’s a gift. She’s precious.

Because I’m allowed to and am getting better at having the ability to love her, I do. Thanks God! That was cool of You!