Day 4 – Tonight We Say Goodbye to Ann and Chris

Are these people we actually know?

Nope. They are the characters on Parks and Recreation that were on their last episode last night (we DVR’d it).

We are making it appointment TV for tonight – which I think is both a little sad that we’re pumped for a 1/2 hour comedy for our Friday night and also kind of sweet.

Leftover meatloaf and Parks and Recreation. Friday night in the ‘burbs’ w/ my honey.

But at least all this mess is over with:

Atlanta's SnowTrafficJamApocalypse

Atlanta’s SnowTrafficJamApocalypse

Day 3 – You’re Adorable in Your Comfys

We were all getting stir crazy with all the weather that tore up the traffic patterns and caused everybody to go wacko.

Right now, I’m writing this while we catch up on  some TV. You look adorable in your  chill clothes, nestled up in your blanket.

Nothing beats this time of night with you.




Day 2 – Winterjam & Atlanta Traffic Apocalypse Take 2

Who knew that yesterday when I wrote this short post that I was about to get in the car and commute for nearly 5 hours to get home.

And who knew that a 5 hour commute would have been actually short for that day. (I wrote about the situation on my other blog – the one that folks-including you-know about).

Today, we got to spend the day together, capped when I walked to Waffle House with Dan in order to satisfy your patty melt craving.

You are truly a blast. And you’re waiting upstairs as I write this on GoToMyPC. I’m determined to try to hit every day until our 10th anniversary which means I’m going to have to sneak on here every once in a while to post from my ‘work’ computer.

I’ll posts pictures and videos later.

Thanks for being so sweet to me on my commute. Thank you for creating a warm home to come to, especially after such a crazy day.

Day 1 – WinterJam 2014

Day 1 of my 2014-15 ‘Falling in Love’ project is taken up by snow.

It’s coming down out there and I can’t wait to get home, warm up some tea, put some logs in the fire, and love on you. Maybe we can play some games with the kids.

The beauties of the south: Snow = A day of family fun.

A Year of Falling in Love

Your birthday was yesterday. You turned 39. In a couple months, you and I will be having our 9 year anniversary.

Next year you turn 40. And we will celebrate our 10th anniversary.

This year, from your birthday to our 10th anniversary (so about a year and 3 1/2 months), I’m committing to falling in love with you… and wooing you so much that you fall in love with me.

Aren’t we already in love?

Of course we are! We love each other. I love you. You love me.

That said, we are also parents of young children. We’ve got some baggage and stress and whatnot. I’ve not been great at creating moments where you and I can connect deeply.

From eating dinner in front of the TV to not having consistent date nights to not always listening or noticing or sharing my world with you.

I want to take the good stuff and make it… gooder. Not better. I want it gooder… Really good.

How am I going to do this?

Stay tuned. I’m not even sure. But I want to become a Ph.D. in ‘Tina lovin”.

My first, simple step is this: Talk to you.

Yes, during the day, I will try to make sure we don’t just text, but that we talk at least once a day.


The other thing I’m going to do: Look for opportunities for ‘moments’. I want to create as many small, fun moments. To use Bob Goff’s terminology, let’s have some ‘capers’.

We’ll see how it goes, but you are my wife and we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together, so let’s make it awesome, right? Let’s not settle for a few laughs and managing ours and our children’s schedules.

I love you. I’ve fallen in love with you. I will fall more and more in love with you. 🙂

It Was Fun to See You This Morning

Most mornings during the week, either I get up and take our first grade daughter to school with a brief kiss when you roll out of bed to say good-bye and then climb back in.

Or I leave super early and you take care of the ‘get the kid ready for school’ duties.

We rarely see each other for an extended length of time and cut up and talk a little bit.

This morning, we shared a couple jokes. We talked a little bit. It was actually really nice. It didn’t seem like much and I know you don’t want to get up at 5:45 if you don’t need to, but I enjoyed it.

Maybe we should start having breakfast together as a family? 🙂

All you wanted on Sunday…

…was to tag clothes for your consignment sale and watch football.

I’m a blessed man that my one of my wife’s sole goals for a Sunday afternoon was to watch the AFC and NFC Championship games.

Plus, you were preparing for your consignment sale to help the family out a bit financially.

In summary, I love you because (a) you like football and (b) you look for ways to add to the family’s bottom line.

You are a wonderfully rare breed of woman. 🙂

I owe you an apology…

I believe my snoring is killing your sleep.

I’m sorry!!!!!

I’ll try to do better, however that is possible. Echinacea? Breathe-right strips? A CPAP? A new house like Downton Abbey or the Biltmore with separate bedrooms for each of us?

Regardless, we need to get you some rest!

Because this made you laugh…

I’ve  not had a ‘Because this made you laugh’ post in a bit.

But you can’t get enough of this scene from The Mindy Project:

Enjoy… how many of us have felt like the ‘wolf in a children’s story’ after eating in a frenzy during the holidays?