Author’s Note: You see ‘Day ___’ on each post right now because we’re working toward our 10 year anniversary. I started a bit over a year prior to the anniversary trying to make note of something interesting, sweet, lovely, poignant, or fun about my wife, our kids, our marriage, life in general.

I hope there’s still a resource to download all of this into a pdf or book and publish the thing somehow.

If you know of such a resource, please let me know. It’s my 10 year anniversary gift (the cheap sweet one).

First of all: Shhhhhh!!!! This is a secret project!

Second, I write using the second person (you) because these posts are intended for my wife… when I finally share it with her.  My main purpose here is to celebrate the gift that my wife is to me. She’s awesome. She’s beautiful. She’s funny. She’s sweet. She’s smart. I love her and love being able to reflect on some of the sweet, fun, touching, and even difficult moments.

Third, another purpose of the project is to practice being observant.  Sometimes, time can dull our vision regarding our spouses. This is a spiritual discipline to focus on things about my wife that are true gifts to me and to our children and to others.  It will also be a gift to her some day.

Fourth, I will also reflect on how to love my wife better. What are some of my challenges? Most importantly, I suspect I’ll wrestle with areas of improvement. Hopefully, God will show me where I fall short and sanctify me day by day as a husband.

Finally, above all, I realize that loving my wife isn’t a feeling or an option. It’s a calling and a stewardship.  It’s a calling that is a deep source of joy to me. It’s also a powerful tool of sanctification. I’m liking the guy I’m becoming much, much more than the guy I’ve been. And God’s chief tool for that is my marriage and my family.

If it’s helpful for anybody else, that’s a bonus! After all, if it was only about the 5 points above, then I suppose I should just keep a diary.

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Good job Bro, Sometimes love takes effort, sometimes it’s just too easy. This is a good way to remind yourself of your commitment.

    I also do “secret” writing for my wife, over the course of the year. I give it to her on our anniversary instead of a card.

    Mark L.

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    • She does not know. Two reasons for it (although having it as a blog might give it a third reason):

      1. Since most people in marriages need to do a better job at acknowledging the gifts and the moments in their relationship and with their spouses, I decided to make a practice of it. I know this stuff doesn’t just happen by itself.
      2. I do want to give it to her on a special day. I have my eye on 10 year anniversary (1 1/2 years from now), but I might break. Sometimes, I’ll send the content to her by email – but never a link.
      3. Since it’s public, perhaps it’s an encouragement for folks to do the same? For some reason journaling didn’t feel like the right context. And just keeping a running Word doc didn’t feel right. I like being able to include a picture or video here or there, too.

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