8/30/14 – Day 216: Your patience knows no bounds…

We received, for our boys, bunk beds for Christmas, 2013.

Today is 8/30/14. I’m finally putting them together. You are one of the most patient women I know. I won’t even go into the hall bathroom project. Please forgive me for that!

Finally... the bunk beds

Finally… the bunk beds

8/27/14 – Day 213: You are a gamer

I’m a bump on the log in a lot of ways. I make jokes and act silly and give the kids a good time with stuff like that, but you’re cool about bringing games or puzzles out and doing some of that carpet time with the kids.

My mind, for whatever reason, doesn’t go there very often.

I’m glad you’re a gamer. We’d watch a lot more TV if it were all on me.

Let me correct that. If it weren’t for you and your influence on me, we’d definitely watch a lot more TV. Because of you, though, I even decide to play a little bit or suggest an outing vs. sitting around on the couch.

You’re cool like that.

8/26/14 – Day 212: Our World Is Busy

Today was full of emails (for me).

I had work emails. I had emails from my side-hustle. I had emails from my parents.

I had emails from subscription lists and from people who copied me in even though I don’t think I really needed to be.

I had a couple business propositions which was nice.

But I didn’t get a chance to take any cute pictures of our kids, of stuff at Target to make sure I was buying the right thing, or of any other random thing to remind me of the day.

It was a busy Tuesday. Sometimes life is just a busy Tuesday.

But I’m glad I’m spending them busy Tuesdays with you.

8/25/14 – Day 211: First Crush

For the first time, it appears that one of our children has a crush.

It’s way too early for such a thing, but it is awfully cute.

In an effort to protect the innocent, I won’t use names. But here are the clues:

  1. He came downstairs after bedtime one day last week and asked you to say his crush’s name. He corrected you – you missed it barely- and then he bounded back upstairs, grin firmly planted on his face.
  2. He asked today if it was okay to love a friend.
  3. He started asking us to help him brush his hair.
  4. He mentioned that she gave him three stickers at school today, and she only gave him stickers (nobody else).
  5. He suggested getting her some kind of a treat to say thank you.
  6. They played tag at recess.
  7. He’s being very sweet and complimentary and affectionate and all ‘I love you’ with us and his siblings – like he’s come in contact with new feelings of affection for the world that he must have an outlet for at any given moment.

In a court of law, I do believe that he would be convicted of crushing. Don’t you?

Now, to make sure he doesn’t get hurt. 🙂 #HelicopterParents

8/24/14 – Day 210: I got nothing

It’s probably not a secret that I’m mining old files – pictures, emails, texts – to catch up on my project. I made the mistake of forcing myself to it THE day that the post was supposed to go out. I’ve done pretty well.

But then… fall hit.

I had one picture from 8/24/14, but I’m pretty sure that it’s not something that you’d like out there.

We went to church. I’m pretty sure about that.

I’m sure, during that day, we had some good food and a few laughs. We always at least get those two items in every day.

8/23/14 – Day 209: Looming large…

We looked for bikes earlier this morning and then we got back into our crafts. I know this isn’t the first time I’ve discussed rainbow looming and our daughter, and I hope it isn’t the last. She’s lost her mojo on it a little bit, but I’m sure we can figure out a way for her to get it back.

She got her crafty side from you. I can barely cut a piece of construction paper. I’m so glad you’ve taken so much time to do little projects with our children. It means a lot to them (and to me). Selfishly, it allows me not to do such projects myself (although I’m getting better, your welcome.

Thank you for giving our kids these little opportunities. They don’t seem like much. Tons of kids play with their rainbow loom or paint or do whatever, but tons don’t.

You’re a good mom.



8/22/14 – Day 208: Fashion advice for me and my big fat face

I sent you about 10 pictures of me in glasses… to get your opinion.

This was not the winner. But you were gentle.

I’m going to publish this now because, quite honestly, my chins are disconcerting.

Thanks for all your fashion advice

My big fat face

My big fat face