Day 101 – Tired. We’re Just Tired

You were super tired on Day 101 (Wednesday, May 7).

I was too. I’ve been getting up at 4:30 to go for walks and trying to go to bed by 10:00, but still it starts to wear on me.

And I’m taking an online course that meets from 9:00-11:00, so there’s that.

Sometimes, we just get tired. We need to regroup and recharge. I know I need that. I seriously probably just need to take one full day off.

And I probably need to give you one full day off.

I just need to go somewhere and read or walk or pray or just do something that has nothing to do with planning or strategizing or plotting or goal-setting or anything. Just read, maybe write out whatever happens to hit my brain, but otherwise a pressureless day.

You need one too. We’ll schedule it soon.

Because You Keep Me Sane

Like a lot of these posts (I don’t go back and check to see if I’m revisiting anything too often), I’m having a little deja vu.  Who cares.

You keep me from going nuts. Seriously. I don’t know what kind of nuts I’d go–depressed, fetal position nuts; manic put my hand through a wall nuts. There are times when you truly, truly, truly keep me sane.

I’ve had a strangely rough week. I don’t really know why. You’ve been wonderful at just the right times. For some reason, you being outside in the garage with me last night cleaning up that kids’ slide for the garage sale soothed me. We didn’t talk much. You were working your tail off. I was reading old journals. Just being out there with you calmed me.

Thank you and I love you.

Oh yeah, it’s our 6th anniversary on Saturday! Yoo-hoo!

Because You’re Being Very, Very Understanding…

I’ve been freaking manic at and about work lately. I’ve been working my fanny off to produce more and more.  It’s almost gotten to the point of obsession. I know as exciting as my industry is (wink wink), I’m not sure how much you love to hear a 35 minute monologue every night.

But you’re being extremely sweet and understanding and kind. I appreciate it a lot and I think you understand why I’m on this kick.  My goal: provide for our family, allow our kids to do little things like swimming lessons, soccer, a little music class here or there, hire a babysitter, go on a date, etc.

Sure, retirement, but mostly, right now, I want to give us some breathing room. I know all I can do is my best and trust God with the rest, but while I’m a little wrapped around the axle, thanks for being in my corner.

You’re a precious gift. And it’s almost Mother’s Day! And you’re an awesome mom!

Because it’s been a long week….

I went out of town. Tornadoes threatened our city.  The kids have been acting out. It’s Friday.

I usually get a post in by now during a week, so that’s my indication that I know it’s been a long week (plus I didn’t have a computer with me while I was gone).

I don’t love you because it’s been a long week. I want to be sweet to you because we’ve had a long week and need some good hubby/wifey time.  I need to do a better job at noticing not just when you need some decompression but also how to help you do that.  You work so hard and put so much on yourself w/ the kiddos, that I just want you to be able to chill the heck out and put your feet up.

I love you and love your feet and hands that serve me and the kids all day and all night. You are a servant-household-leader.