Because the teacher called our daughter ‘Responsible’

The question was whether we need to send money in with a note so our kindergarten daughter can get ice cream at lunch.

The respones from the teacher:

It’s fine if she has money on her account and you send in a note.  We just need clarification from parents so some parents send in a note and some parents send in cash.  Some of the kids are sneaky so we just have to be careful.  .  She told me she can have ice cream today so we are all set. She’s very responsible and I saw her note so we are good!

Thanks so much!

Well, I hold you responsible for giving our girl the stuff to be considered responsible by her first public school, non-church school teacher.

I’m sure I helped a little bit, but I think you’ve done most of the heavy lifting. I hope you felt a bit of satisfaction when you read that email.



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