Day 155 – You Received a Trophy…

…for busting your a$$.

Or so you say.

You and your workout partner had a tough boot camp on this particular Monday, apparently.

I must say that your exercise consistency is a testament to two things:

  1. Your growing self-discipline (nice!)
  2. The power of accountability (glad you found A. so you can really challenge each other).

It’s both an inspiration and a challenge to me to build that type of a friendship into my life.

Good job, sweetie! Keep it going!

Trophy for sweating your butt off

Trophy for sweating your butt off

BTW, apparently I can’t break out of the 210s. Dang it!


Because You Made Me Work Out

As I’ve mentioned a few times throughout this blog, your days can be long with our three little ones.  Yet yesterday, you made sure that I made my workout although you knew it was going to put me home after all of them were put to bed.

It means a lot to me that (a) you’re concerned about my physical health—see also your ‘portion control encouragement’ and (b) y ou’re concerned about my emotional/mental health—we both know how much better we feel when we sweat some.

You also were acting like a coach. I didn’t want to go back out into the cold, rainy evening, but you put your foot down, told me to change into my workout fashions, and go to the Y.

Thank you. I love you because you want me to be healthy—although maybe it’s just that you want me to be buff?