Because You’re My Friend…

I listened to Mark Driscoll’s sermon on marriage called ‘Friends with Benefits’ and he emphasized the importance of friendship in marriage.

While sometimes we have a sort of side-by-side relationship–working together, managing the household, etc., we always come back to a strong friendship. I want it to be better. I want to be a better share-er and I want to do better at creating opportunities for us to have fun together.

All in all, though, I love just being with you. You’re good to hang out with. Not all couples can say that, I don’t think.

Day 15: Love is Honorable

I’ve been thinking about this for the last week—about what it means to honor you.

I keep forgetting that it’s not all about respect and ‘honoring’ with words and gifts and showers of kisses. The book talks about treating someone with high worth and esteem, to treat the person as ‘set apart for a higher purpose.’

You are set apart for a higher purposes. You are special and unique.

While I know I need to honor you with my words and my actions and even my attitudes, I think the larger truth here is that I need to treat you as holy, set apart as precious, special, unique.

I like this line from the book: “A person who has become holy to you has a place no one can rival in your heart. He or she is sacred to you, a person to be honored, praised, and defended.”

It’s mostly something in the mind, to remember to not treat each other as roommates or co-parenters or TV watchers, but as people who are highly valued, special, held in regard.

Please forgive me where you don’t feel valued by me.

I even did the ‘dare’ on this one which is doing something unusually helpful or showing respect. You were sick yesterday and I cleaned the downstairs of our house and did a few extra loads of laundry. But I didn’t have the best attitude—it’s the attitude piece that I need to work on. I wasn’t mad at you or anything, but I also wasn’t taking pleasure in it.

I pray that I learn to do better and better at making you feel highly valued.

Day 16 Prep—Love Intercedes: Make a list of 3 specific areas where you desire for God to work in your spouse’s life or in your marriage. I shall have my list by tomorrow, but we’ll see how much of it I’ll be willing to share online.

Because You Are a Super CEO and COO…

You’ve always been stellar at taking care of our home and making sure it’s a safe, clean, peaceful place for the kids and me. I’ve been truly blessed that way.

I just way to give you a shoutout today. For some reason, I’ve been seeing these last couple weeks that you go above and beyond. You truly are the chief executive officer, chief operations officer, and chief activities officer for our home.

You’re a lot more, but I’m posting from my phone, so its taking extra energy just to focus on the physical act of typing.

Just know that you are highly skilled. Proverbs 31 describes you. You are good at what you do. You are excellent at it.

I don’t love you because of it. I just know it’s a reason I’m a lucky man.