Day 40 – Pillows & Steaks

This weekend, we shall eat steak. And then we shall rest our heads on pillows and relax.

Looking forward to the chill time.  It’s my favorite kind of time with you.

Because You Power Through

This past weekend I went out of town to work on the family’s vacation place with my brother and dad.  I have to admit that I feel guilty about these weekends, but I value them (they don’t happen often. I kind of wish you could figure out a weekend with your sisters or friends.

Our boys are hitting a bit of a stubborn spell, so that made it doubly tough to be gone.  I’m thankful that you power through. That you, despite stress, do a wonderful job in making me feel okay about being gone.  You don’t guilt trip me the whole time.  You don’t nag. You take care of the kids and you encourage me to do what I’m doing w/ the family.

I love you for that and am so thankful that you are my wife!