Because You Take ’em Blueberry Pickin

I loved driving around on a sales call this morning and getting the snap shot of our boys picking blueberries and our daughter w/ sons up on a tractor.  I know that’s typical summer activity for a Stay-At-Home-Mom and three kids under 5 in 100 degree weather, but still….  You could opt to stay in the house all the time.

Heck, even when you do that, there are paints and crayons and projects going on. I’ve mentioned this before, but you do such a wonderful job creating little moments. Our little ones might not remember specific trips to berry farms or to playgrounds or picnics, but they’ll remember that that stuff was woven throughout their early years.

They’ll remember that what Moms and Dads do is take their kids to parks and create moments, like that ‘Just Fishin” song by Trace Adkins. It’s not just going to a park or berry farm; you’re connecting and loving and encouraging creativity and denouncing couch-potato-ism.

So… I love you for how you create moments.  You hooked us up w/ another date night for tomorrow, so you do it for us to!

I love you!

Because You’ve Been Knee Deep In It…

*Note my normal disclaimer–this could be a repeat of theme

Our kids have had tummy bugs for the last several days. You hate germs which is good because germs cause tummy bugs.  You’ve had to assembly line diaper changes and that’s enough.  With twins, I know it’s been a pain.

Thanks for keeping up w/ them and not freaking out too bad (although it’s totally allowed).

On a side note, I just talked to you while you were on a walk. It was sweet. You’re sweet. You were all power-walking and trying to tell me stories.

I love you.

Because You Laughed This Morning…

…despite going through something that would have made me cry.  As the story goes, you gave the boys a bath this morning before taking our daughter to preschool. Whilst putting on Boy 1’s diaper, Boy 2 was in his room and proceeded to drop a steamer. Thankfully, it was of the ‘having eaten too much cheese or bananas variety’ (hard) so the clean up wasn’t so bad. But still… it’s poo on the carpet.

While you were tending to that little happy situation, Boy 1 decided he wasn’t done with bathtime (I guess you left the water in) and he decided to get back in the bath tub. Of course, he was fully clothed. So wet and clothed.

I would have been so frustrated!  And then I hear our daughter when you called me arguing about wanting you to put the peanut butter back in the jar so she could do it herself.

So, thank you for keeping your sense of humor, for not flying off the hammer. You’re totally within your rights to do so, but as it was this morning, you called me and laughed and we shared a little bit of the first part of our day together. It was really sweet–although I still feel horrible for you. Heck, taking a quick break at work to write a blog post while you’re herding preschoolers.

I love you!

Because You Make Up Stories with Our Daughter

Yesterday, you made up a few stories with our daughter. You used the equivalent of Mad Libs for preschoolers. It was so cute. You were excited. MG was excited. You called and read them to me while I was at work. I loved it.

I love to see those little snippets of fun you have with our kids.

Because She Paints Birthday T-Shirts…

Yesterday I was reading a book for a book review and watching a college football game (great game between VA Tech and Boise State, by the way). My apologies to the writer of the book.

While I was doing that, my wife was painting a special t-shirt for our twin boys’ 2 yr birthday party.  It was a painstakingly slow process, but she rocked it pretty good. It’s a Buzz/Woody themed party and she had full tongue barely out concentration mode going on getting everything just right.  Sure she could have bought the t-shirts for the boys, but (a) this semi-saves money and (b) it is such a sweet gesture. Mom trying to make it cute for the boys.

I appreciate her crafty-ness. She’s always looking for little things to do to make little events nice. I’d totally have gone to Wal-Mart and bought a couple Toy Story t-shirts and then had a cake made by Publix. She’s getting star pans so she can make a Sheriff Woody cake. Maybe it’s too much Ace of Cakes, but who cares. It’s cakes and t-shirts made with love by a sweet Mommy.

Thanks sweetie, for taking such sweet care of our little ones. Oh yeah, she was also getting our daughter’s stuff ready for her first day of pre-school. Sweet and sad there. Tina was flitting about putting lunches together and extra clothes (just in case) and reading and rereading the list of things she needed to have or do. 

I love her for taking the time and putting in that little extra effort that makes things special.

Because We Have Some Great Little Kids

I couldn’t figure out how to word the title for this post: ‘Because she birth three great babies’? ‘Because she gave me wonderful children’?  She did birth them and while the second one is kind of true, she didn’t give them to me. They are ours. Together.

But I will say this: She’s, from a time spent perspective, responsible for so much of their, well, upkeep. Not just their upkeep, but their general winsomeness.  Sure they have occasional tantrums and can get under skin, but I kind of think they do pretty well with others, despite not yet having too many social outlets.  I’m happy to say that my wife does a kick ass job with them. And she and I get on the same page, which helps. We share what seems to work and not work, how we can be more consistent, how we can help stress-relieve each other as it relates to the kids.

A great bonus? She and I get along better with each other. Sharing our frustrations adds to our general intimacy tank.

Not sure if I stayed on theme, here, but I love her and because we have some great kids, I’m reminded how special she is, how hard she works, and how blessed I am.

Because 3 Toddlers are a Lot…

Sometimes it’s not always specific things she does that reminds me how much I love her. It’s just her general job description. As I see it we all have a home job description. Hers happens to be ‘Take Care of 3 Toddlers’. Oh yeah, there isn’t anybody who can fill in for you if you take a day off. There really isn’t a way you can take a ‘personal day’ and just lie around for a bit, watch some mindless TV, browse at Target, etc.  And your weekends, well, as nice a guy as your husband might be, you really still don’t have either of those days off.

So, she plows through. Last night she went to bed w/ one of those pointy, in the forehead headaches. She also woke up with that same Tylenol-immune headache. The boys were screaming. Our little girl was wanting to change DVDs every 15 minutes. I had to go to work.

Let’s just say, as much as it’s imperative that I go to work and stay present there, it’s awfully hard knowing that she very well might have a rough, semi-thankless job at home while not feeling her best.

So, one of the many reasons I love her is that her job description is just plain hard. It’s hard. Selling insurance isn’t a cup of tea, but that toddler duty… as wonderful as it is (she loves it)… I just know it’s one of the most difficult jobs a person can have.

To all of you Stay at Home Moms and Dads, thank you! To mine in particular: I love you and wish you the best today and every day! You don’t know how much it means to me that you do a great job with our little fellows and our little lady.