2/14/15 – Day 384: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetie!

I’ll share a little from our V Day date post-V-day.

For today, I wanted to suggest that our love is the perfect combo of The Middle’s Valentine’s Day special this year.

No fuss and comfy like the parents:

A little awkward like Brick’s:


And just fun and cute and sometimes off-the-wall like Axl:


You are an awesome Valentine, all the way around.

9/3/15 – Day 220: The Middle (of the week)

One of our favorite things about Wednesday?

The Middle.

First, it makes some of our issues with home repair pale in comparison.

Second, it helps us realize not everybody’s life looks like they look on Facebook (I know it’s a TV show, but I also know it’s the real life daily situation of tons of people).

Third, we love how much Sue Heck reminds us of Maggie. Her unabashed and unashamed passion for being involved in everything at school and being sold out to things that are unique to being a girl at a particular age (Maggie sweetly loves the things that a 7 year old girl loves).

Fourth, we laugh and laugh and laugh. Translation: stress relief.

Thanks for being my sitcom partner.

Day 67 – What Made You Laugh (The Middle’s Brick)

Mike coaches Sue in soccer.

Brick stinks of B.O. (Frankie’s line regarding the stench, “It’s somewhere between baby spit-up and rotting animal flesh”)

The Brick stinks because he completely unloads full bottles of cologne and deodorant and so forth all over himself.

Axl finally figures out that Cassidy’s painting was telling him that they were growing apart and breaking up.

Quite frankly, we watched this last Thursday (on day 67). Today is the Monday (I have a hard time doing the addition in my head, but around day 71) after that.

A lot has happened in the days between. But I’ll leave those items to the day they happened.

It was fun watching this episode with you. As per usual, your laugh was sweet and big all at the same time.

Hulu and Youtube don’t have clips or I’d post it here.

Day 59 – An Ode To Sue Heck

We love Sue Heck from The Middle

She exudes positivity when no one really should at all.

She is all in whenever she does anything.

We always say how much our little girl has a little Sue Heck in her. She just gets so amped up to try new things, to get involved, and to generally experience life.

Sue, you went to prom on Wednesday night (Day 59, 3/26/14). You went with your fave dude Darrin.


My wife and I watched and cheered you on because if anybody on TV deserves good things… it’s you, Sue. You really deserve it all!

Go Sue Go!

Go Sue Go!