Day 171 – Tennis night

Day 171 – Wednesday July 16, 2014

It was sweet of you to come watch me play tennis.

And Instagram it.

I don’t look skinny, but as I always tell you, that’s not the right focus. I’m out, getting exercise. You and the kids watching me win a match (although the boys, apparently, were more interested in the towel I was using to wipe my sweat). Strange boys. Curious boys. The coolest boys ever.

And our little girl dropped her Rainbow Loom bands all over the ground (the horror!).

It was fun to have you there, although I must admit I felt more pressure. I wanted my sweet wife to be impressed by my athletic prowess.

Tennis anyone.

7/23/14 – Day 178 – Staycation Day 1: Tennis with the boys

I’m not sure what you guys did (and by you guys, I mean you and our daughter). But the fellows and I played a little tennis. Every once in a while Jacob decided that he needed to rest to read the novel adaptation of the movie Benji. Yes he’s not even in kindergarten and he’s rocking the novel. Move over chapter books.

Anyway… this isn’t about being an obnoxious proud parent.  It’s about remembering small moments and telling you how awesome you are. 🙂

Reading Benji

Reading Benji

Day 156 – My Tennis Match Nearly Killed Me

Tuesday – 7/1/14 – Day 156

This day is a blur.

You took our kids to see a movie and I played a 2 hour tennis match where I was completely drained.

I mean, it was tennis, so I don’t mean to be overly dramatic.

And I lost (as per usual these days).

And you made me dinner when I got home, which is awfully sweet of you because you are awfully sweet.

2014-07-01 19.44.20

I probably shouldn’t post this because it ain’t flattering.

Day 144 – The Linen Closet Got a Makeover

Day 144 – Thursday June 19th

I played tennis (despite what might be a rotator cuff tear or something along those lines). I need to serve like Michael Chang, I guess.

Michael Chang Underhand Serve vs Ivan Lendl (French Open 1989) [HD] from Hykha on Vimeo.

When I got  home, I saw that your stir cray-cray pushed you into productivity: You completely redid our linen closet. I was going to take a picture of it, but I didn’t.

Let’s just say I can find pillow cases and bars of soap and every other such thing that previously required spelunking gear.

Thanks, sweetie, for whipping our joint into shape.