Because We’re Tackling Our Debt

While we decided it might not be a good idea to follow the advice to get rid of our (very reasonably priced and relatively low mortgaged) home, we have finally decided to be violent with our debt.  Seemed like good advice from the guy who gave it to me, but a home is sometimes more important than the money it represents.

I’ve just accessed the money to pay off at least two credit cards. They inch up so slowly. We don’ t go out to eat. We don’t buy tons of fancy stuff. We’re not early adopters. We simply have had a few moments of weakness.

I’m sorry that you were so frugal and I brought my love of stuff into our marriage! And I hate we weren’t more disciplined to take note of our spending and be aware of our issues around that.

But we’re done. Line in the sand. Stake in the ground.

You and me vs. plastic. We’re gonna get it done. I’m excited. ┬áLet’s do this thing.