Because She Said Tonight Is Pizza, Football, and Iron-On Night

I just got an email from my wife to announce that tonight is pizza, football, and iron-on night (she also told me our daughter crashed out and took a nap on my side of our bed without her pull up on–potty trained, but sleeping on it isn’t something she’s mastered).

Anyway, the email made me smile. My wife is pumped for a chill night of pizza and football. Oh yeah, we also get to finish prepping our sons’ t-shirts for their two year birthday party.  I’ll be honest, this is why I looked forward to marriage: chilling over pizza and football and taking care of kids with a woman who’s cool. Way cool.

So, I love her because she loves football. She loves homemade and/or cheap pizza. She loves to be creative for our kids. Pretty simple, yet pretty awesome.

Because She Gives a Crap about Sports

Regardless if her reasoning makes any sense (i.e. I hate the Lakers because all their fans are actors), she doesn’t bust my balls about watching sports. Of course, she’d prefer a little Real Housewives action (the Bravo kind), she’ll sit through some playoffs or some home town teams. She plans menus around college and pro football. You can quiz her on Nascar numbers and she’ll get about 75% right.

She wants me to take my daughter to baseball games and teach her how to keep score (I can’t wait to go buy a scoring book and keep tabs on my trips with our kids through scoring each game–I’m sure we’ll run into a 5th inning where I’ll have to make up the code for ‘child asleep, had to leave early’).  Our kids can do the UGA little pre-kick-off deal (Gooooooo dawgs, sic-em woof woof woof), to the point where my 3 yr old daughter will shout ‘Go Dogs!’ everytime she sees that glorious ‘G’.

I can stop the DVR and bring her in to see a great play, and she’ll genuinely be impressed (not by my use of the DVR, but by the play). 

When we first started dating, she didn’t understand why a 1st down was better than a 4th down, but now, she criticizes coaches’ decisions.  She’ll even schedule weekends around key games instead of purposefully planning a family outing to a dang Pumpkin Patch right in the middle of a key SEC matchup.

So… she loves her some sports. She doesn’t mind that I do too. I love her for that.