Because You Are Learning to Sew

It’s around Halloween and our boys wanted to be:

1.  Sam-I-Am (from Green Eggs and Ham)

2. Huey (the green bird from Oh Say What You Say by Dr. Seuss).

They are truly Seuss crazy!

Well, you found a pattern that should have worked. You and your mom (until she busted her knee, poor woman!) worked on the pattern and tried to figure out. It wasn’t the simplest project for you to start on, but I pray you continue to work on it!

It was fun to get home and see the patterns and fabric and your new Christmas present sewing machine out on the dining room table. And I’m glad I didn’t step on a needle or pin. I hear that’s a typical hazard for husbands of women who sew (and I’m sure it’s a hazard for wives of men who sew).

My main point here: I love that you’re learning to sew and that you want to do cool stuff like make Dr. Seuss costumes for our boys as there just isn’t a huge selection at Target.

Happy Halloween!