Day 94 – The Hebrew Cheetah (What Made You Laugh)

…or so Schmidt called himself. New Girl was full of solid one liners (from Tuesday, which means we watched it on Wednesday).

I have settle for a different clip as the ‘Hebrew Cheetah’ wasn’t in the Tube of You.

“I got your second hug locked and loaded, soft or hard, it’s up to you.”


Day 94 – Wednesday April 30, 2014

Day 9 – and Taste Bud Joy

You actually help us eat our tastiest meals when we’re on Weight Watchers.

You research and find the perfect meal. I execute (well, we both do, but come on… I’m the chef, you’re the baker).

Last night… sauteed chicken with a black bean avocado salsa.

And New Girl. And Scandal. And can I say this? I don’t know if we should watch Scandal. I should probably grow a pair and encourage us to wrap that show up. There are no good examples of love, faithfulness, marriage, general goodness (although Huck is pretty nice despite his whole ‘I love to kill people’ thing). Strange that the most pleasant character is someone who likes to torture and kill bad guys.

But I digress. Keep pulling those recipes from They are always awesome. They are relatively low in points plus points (Weight Watchers). And they’re healthy.

Because You Made Broccoli and Chicken Noodle Casserole Last Night

Casseroles are highly underrated.

You stepped up and made this casserole from

One serving was only 8 points. And I had 18 going into dinner so I indulged in one and a half servings.

Then I hit a 4 point ice cream.

But the star of the night, besides your winning smile, was that casserole. Man. Good stuff.

Plus New Girl was pretty funny… here’s a snippet:


Me and My Menzies

I was writing in my last post about how I was feeling a little melancholy. How perhaps it was another manifestation of the man period that I hinted at in my previous post a couple days ago.

Well, I texted you about it yesterday. Our conversation:


Thanks for Understanding!

I laughed and that took me out of it a little bit.

But it reminded me of New Girl from a couple days ago (Episode 7, Season 2: Menzies).

Here are the clips of something that made you laugh–setting up the idea:

Here’s Winston coming clean to Schmidt:

I hope when you see this, it will still make you laugh.



This Made You Laugh – New Girl “Backslide” Schmidt’s Broken…

Recently, we watched New Girl and we laughed throughout the whole thing. This clip might have been more my favorite, but it’s a sweet moment between Schmidt and CeCe paired with the hilarity of Schmidt’s broken peen….

P.S. To Future Self: You might some day be offended by this crass post. If so, lighten up!