Day 50 – A Pain in the Neck and a Softer Heart

There are times that I forget that I’m knee deep into this ‘Falling in Love (Deeper) Project‘.

When I’m in that mode, I focus on everything that would make my life more comfortable:

  • Dinner completed when I get home
  • Children completely well-mannered and serene when I arrive
  • House completely tidy
  • Tile project done
  • Plenty of money in the bank
  • etc. etc. etc.

The ball starts rolling downhill and it’s no good. I become self-centered and selfish and passive-aggressive. I focus on me. I focus on my wants and ‘needs’.

Day 50 (Monday – 3/17/14) was this way for me. I remember having a horrible attitude. I was a pain in the neck.

And I was a pain in the neck when you, literally, had a recurrence of your recent neck issue. You were upset and frustrated and in pain. And I was worried about some stupid dish being on the counter (probably, knowing me).

My purpose and goal at home should, at all times, be this: To love you and the children at all times. That won’t mean being a pushover, but it will mean having a heart that is turned toward you and our little ones. It will mean having a soft, tender heart that is bent toward serving and caring.

I’m not perfect, and I’ll probably be a jerk at some point today, but may God, through the Holy Spirit, continue to change me and help me not only to be in love with you, but to love and serve you consistently and in the way that you need.