5/10/15 – Day 469: Happy Mother’s Day!

I won’t make excuses, but it does appear that I didn’t do a very good job at planning the day. I went overboard on the ‘leave mommy alone and give her some chill time’ side of things. We didn’t spend a ton of time together as a family.

But we did have a great breakfast and dinner and you got some nice gifts. And our boys and our daughter went out of their way much of the week to give you sweet things and wish you Happy Mother’s Day and give you sweet little ‘We Love Mommy because…’ booklets.

Just a reminder where it all started…

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Because You Make a Great Mrs. Claus

Today you made gingerbread ornaments.

Five nights ago you were getting a headstart on the wrapping.

You’ve been doing little Christmas things nonstop with our kids.

You kick butt as Ms. Claus, especially since you’re married to Scrooge. 😉  Actually, I’m not so bad.

This just reiterates how much you always do to give our kids little shots of joy.

I love you for all of that!