Because She Can Rock a Dollar Menu

My wife can feed a small village with like $8.53 and a fast food restaurant dollar menu.

She’ll have like a pile of roast beef sandwiches and fries and walk away from the drive-thru window with more money than she came in with. Probably sells the toys and pockets $.75.

That’s a skill. I love her for that because I usually spend $6.00 by myself because I can be kind of an undisciplined lard-ass.

Because she frets about a $20 purchase…

I’ve heard some horror stories about women who put their families in the poor house through devil-may-care spending habits (I know dudes do this to their families, too). There are no boundaries, no consideration of, say, whether there’s plenty of money or not.

To a fault, my wife will check with me regarding purchases. She won’t buy $1 stickers if we really don’t need them (whereas I’ll do most anything to shut some toddlers up–I can be a immediate gratification type parent sometimes). She just called to make sure that it’s okay to get the DVD/Blu-Ray combo packs of Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2. I said yes because I love spending me some money. 

Please don’t misread this as if I’m saying she’s just cheap. Sometimes it seems so. Let’s just say, she never knew what debt was until she started dating me. She never had a credit card balance or a car payment. She saved to put a huge downpayment on her first townhouse (I’d only rented). She stayed at the same job from ages 18-33, the first 10 years of which, they put her through school so no student loans.

Hell, as I write this, I feel kind of guilty. I’ve brought the poor woman down with my ‘gotta have this’ and ‘gotta have that’ attitude. Good thing for our kids, she’ll soon be in charge of our budget, books, and bills. It should be me checking in with her!