Because You Take ’em Blueberry Pickin

I loved driving around on a sales call this morning and getting the snap shot of our boys picking blueberries and our daughter w/ sons up on a tractor.  I know that’s typical summer activity for a Stay-At-Home-Mom and three kids under 5 in 100 degree weather, but still….  You could opt to stay in the house all the time.

Heck, even when you do that, there are paints and crayons and projects going on. I’ve mentioned this before, but you do such a wonderful job creating little moments. Our little ones might not remember specific trips to berry farms or to playgrounds or picnics, but they’ll remember that that stuff was woven throughout their early years.

They’ll remember that what Moms and Dads do is take their kids to parks and create moments, like that ‘Just Fishin” song by Trace Adkins. It’s not just going to a park or berry farm; you’re connecting and loving and encouraging creativity and denouncing couch-potato-ism.

So… I love you for how you create moments.  You hooked us up w/ another date night for tomorrow, so you do it for us to!

I love you!