5/10/15 – Day 469: Happy Mother’s Day!

I won’t make excuses, but it does appear that I didn’t do a very good job at planning the day. I went overboard on the ‘leave mommy alone and give her some chill time’ side of things. We didn’t spend a ton of time together as a family.

But we did have a great breakfast and dinner and you got some nice gifts. And our boys and our daughter went out of their way much of the week to give you sweet things and wish you Happy Mother’s Day and give you sweet little ‘We Love Mommy because…’ booklets.

Just a reminder where it all started…

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Day 126 – Triumphant First Sleep Over!

Our boys are shy.

They love being home or spending the night at the grands.

Today, I picked them up from their first sleep over with their cousins and aunt and uncle.

They ate smores. They explored in the woods. They slept in (I wish they’d bring that habit to our house!).

They are growing up. It is sweet and sad and fun to watch all at the same time.

You’ve done good, mom. You’ve done good.

Day 105 – Happy Mother’s Day!

We went to the Roswell Colors Festival and had a big old time!

We got up late and lounged around.

We made you waffles in bed. We made the waffles in the kitchen and served them to you in your bed.

You’re a lucky mom. 😉

We are truly blessed to have you.

You are an amazing mother and wife. You pour your heart into it. I know it’s sometimes painful and sometimes stressful, but I know it’s also the thing you love the most.


Thanks for serving us so well. I hope you know how much we appreciate it.

Because You’re on the Decorating Committee…

And not just the one for our home where you change out the dish towels and placemats and centerpieces, depending on the season.

You and your sister also combined to take care of all the table decorations for the 10 year anniversary for my mom’s ministry.  You, your sister, and your mom took out a full Saturday to shop (not completely a chore, I’m sure) and craft together some pretty cool, eclectic centerpieces.

Since then, you’ve been stressing over whether or not you have done it right, if you have enough, or if my mom will like it.

It’s very sweet of you to put all of yourself into the project. That’s how you do things, anyway, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

Thank you and I love you!

Because You Plan for Grammie’s School

While I was sitting in our bed writing last night, you worked on the curriculum for ‘Grammie’s School’–the 3 hours of ‘school’ our boys have over at your mom’s house.

First, I love how seriously you take your job as a parent (and as a daughter). You make sure the boys have fun things to do and you make sure your Mom has some things to work with.

Second, I love how good you are at doing these things. The craft projects and learning items were awfully adorable. I know our boys will ove it.

Third, I love the way your face lights up when you work on these projects. It’s like you’re in the zone when you create experiences for our children.

When you get so pumped about putting together a packet of crafts and lessons, I get excited to do waht I dcan in those areas, too.

I’m blessed to have a wife who is excited about being a mom in these ways. And I know our children are blessed to have you as their mother.