Breathing Room

I don’t have time – due to lack of breathing room – to go find a link so that folks can find the sermon series by Andy Stanley at North Point Community Church.

But he did one on ‘Breathing Room’ (which seemed to be something similar to his old series on ‘Margin’).

It simply is that we need margin in our schedules, minds, and budgets for relationships.

I need to do a better job at carving the time to focus… not just be a warm body somewhere in the room. To be fully there with you and the kids.

I admit I’m consumed with worry right now. Most of it is around having no margin at work and in other areas.

Please give me some grace. And, by the way, I need you and your wisdom to help me here. I try really hard to avoid stressing you out, but sometimes I need you to help me destress so that I can help us not have so much stress.

Make sense? I didn’t think so, but I think you get the picture.