Day 113 – Last Week of School…

Day 113 – Monday May 19

I know some day we’ll pretty much forget about the last week of our daughter’s first grade year and the last week of our boys’ preschool careers. They will all be in the big fancy elementary school next year.

They are growing up. It’s sweet and sad.

I’m learning, though, that one of the worst things to do is to worry about their growing up. It’ll happen. We might as well focus on the moment as best as we can.

Worrying that ‘soon they’ll be graduating’ is dumb. We miss things when we worry about how fast time flies and how soon they’ll be going from American Girl dolls to worrying about Mean Girls.

So, let’s enjoy each moment with our little ones. It’s the little moments that build toward big things. We miss the little moments, we’ll have small relationships. We take advantage of each small moment, we’ll have big, strong relationships.

I suppose the same thing goes for you and me. Let’s do a bunch of little things well, how ’bout it? 🙂


Because of the Little Things You Do…

You are constantly doing little things to take care of me and the family.

Here are a few that you did over the weekend:

  1. Decorated the house early for Christmas
  2. Made chocolate chip cookies
  3. Let me watch football
  4. Had fun on our day trip out to Augusta for our nephew’s birthday party
  5. Gave me a choice between putting the children to bed or doing dishes
  6. Let me go to the grocery store (a weird one, true, but I enjoy grocery shopping)
  7. …………. 🙂
  8. Suggested Starbucks on our drive home from Augusta (we don’t do that ever)
  9. You left a note on our mirror again, this time thanking me for letting you sleep in so much (that’s less about love and more about self-preservation)  🙂

I’m sure there were more, but I should get to work. It’s the Monday before Thanksgiving and this guy has to get some things done so he can leave early on Wednesday.

I love you!