Because You Are a Kick-Ass Hostess

Yesterday, I opened the dishwasher to find these orange and black bowls you bought specifically for this chili fall dinner party we’re having. Out of the blue, you invited new friends over (which is pretty awesome in and of itself) to hang out at our house.

Right now, it’s true that our house could use some TLC. We need to paint some places here and there. We need to bring our backyard into submission.

But you said this, “I want our children to remember having people over and getting to know new people.”

I’m glad you’re not waiting till we have the perfect party house. And I wish I had pictures of your decorations. The convergence of your imagination and Pinterest has created quite the party planner!

Thanks for setting it up. And thanks for letting me cook my chili!

Happy Fall, Sweet Lady of Mine!

Because We’re Gonna Work Out Together

I can’t wait to sweat with you and our fancy new gym membership.

Drop those babies off at the kid area and go treadmill it out. Pump some iron. Move some weights. Yoga our core.

I always love doing active stuff with you, if only our little walks on Saturday mornings. Now we can hit the gym, go to the pool, do some Zoomba and whatnot.

Plus, I’m so happy you have a little respite during the week now where you can have a break, sweat a little, and burn some agitation off if need be.

I love you sweetie–let’s lower our BPs together!