5/9/15 – Day 468: Probably More Like Mother’s Day

This was probably more like Mother’s Day:

  • Sam’s baseball game.
  • Brunch at Cuzi with my parents
  • Playground time at our new pool
  • Roswell Arts Festival
  • Chocolate chip cookies somewhere in there.

It was one of those nice, fun, outdoorsy, sweaty, but sweet Saturdays.



Happy Day Before Mother's Day!

Happy Day Before Mother’s Day!

4/10/15 – Day 439: Planning Our One Shot at Life Together

I’m 43 and you’re not.

I’ve been thinking over the last few days that we have one shot at this life we’re living.

We have one pass through our children being at the exact ages they are now. We’ll have one shot at it when they’re 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 18, 21, 25, 30, 35, and so forth.

You and I are in this together for the long haul. Let’s do it well. Let’s do it all on purpose.

Let’s build something together that is full of hope, sweetness, joy, and fun. Let’s take chances. Let’s love our kids and do stuff that we don’t want to do as parents (like that Capture the Flag game) because we know we’re planting seeds that will grow our relationships.

Let’s be intimate even when we both feel fat.

Let’s plan and plot and scheme to have the best lives we possibly can to influence each other, our children, and send ripples out far beyond.

We signed up to do this together. Let’s do it.

9/12/14 – Day 229: The Boys’ Birthday Day!

We were equally surprised that the boys wanted more of a to-do for their birthday. They’ve been a little shy and haven’t loved being the center of attention, so we didn’t plan a huge get-together. ┬áPlus it was early in the year, their first year of school, so friendships haven’t been solidified yet.

Family evening time and then a Saturday at the arcade.

But we misjudged it a bit. The boys really wanted to come home to the cousins and friends and the grands all in one place.

You made a cool pac-man cake, though. Simple and neat.


Mostly, though, on their birthdays, I think of you and your warrior-like work of keeping those boys through 37 weeks inside the womb. They tried a few times to come way, way too early, but you submitted to the bedrest and you took it easy and they came as healthy as we could expect.

We were so blessed. Good job mom!


9/3/15 – Day 220: The Middle (of the week)

One of our favorite things about Wednesday?

The Middle.

First, it makes some of our issues with home repair pale in comparison.

Second, it helps us realize not everybody’s life looks like they look on Facebook (I know it’s a TV show, but I also know it’s the real life daily situation of tons of people).

Third, we love how much Sue Heck reminds us of Maggie. Her unabashed and unashamed passion for being involved in everything at school and being sold out to things that are unique to being a girl at a particular age (Maggie sweetly loves the things that a 7 year old girl loves).

Fourth, we laugh and laugh and laugh. Translation: stress relief.

Thanks for being my sitcom partner.

8/27/14 – Day 213: You are a gamer

I’m a bump on the log in a lot of ways. I make jokes and act silly and give the kids a good time with stuff like that, but you’re cool about bringing games or puzzles out and doing some of that carpet time with the kids.

My mind, for whatever reason, doesn’t go there very often.

I’m glad you’re a gamer. We’d watch a lot more TV if it were all on me.

Let me correct that. If it weren’t for you and your influence on me, we’d definitely watch a lot more TV. Because of you, though, I even decide to play a little bit or suggest an outing vs. sitting around on the couch.

You’re cool like that.

Day 172 – The day our kids started eating real food

Day 172 – Thursday July 17th, 2014

We went to the great City of Roswell, GA’s ‘Alive after Five’ this evening.

As you know, the downtown area has two distinct sections. There’s the southern ‘Roswell Square’ and then there’s ‘Canton Street’ a few blocks north.

Our kids wanted to take the trolley, so we parked near the courthouse and caught the trolley/shuttle to the square where food trucks and a more family friendly atmosphere awaited.

I got this thing called the Pork Cheezy from the Ibiza Bites Food Truck. Unfortunately, it’s not on the menu, but this picture should show the glory.

Yes. It's good.

Yes. It’s good.

Well, usually it’s fun getting that type of food because we get to eat all of it. Our kids just want plan mac and cheese or a hot dog or whatever.

But we let them have a bite. And then they took another. And another. And another. And I was left hungry. But it’s good. I’m glad their palates are expanding to appreciate other food. Of course, how hard is it to like pulled pork over mac and cheese?

Kids gnoshing on food truck food



Day 165 – The Best Picture in the World

Day 165 – Thursday July 10

Our boys were reading and our friend’s son decided to yell for no good reason.

It’s adorable, though.

Don’t you think?

P.S. Our not-even-in-kindergarten boys are reading Magic Tree House books. #obnoxiousprouddad

Quit Reading Punk!!!!!

Quit Reading Punk!!!!!

Day 161- I have no clue

July 6th, 2014, Day 161

I will go ahead and say that I don’t have a clue what we did this day.

I know I took the kids to the 4:30 afternoon service at North Point Community Church.

And I was really mad because I got up to make waffles for ‘Breakfast at Wimbledon’ only to discover that ESPN was carrying the men’s final. Since we’re locals only right now, then I couldn’t watch it. I still made waffles.

They were good.

Mountain of Waffles

Mountain of Waffles