Day 37 – Literally Fat Tuesday

We had soup for dinner solely to save room for…

chocolate chip cookies and Moose Tracks ice cream.

We ended Mardi Gras well.

Day 9 – and Taste Bud Joy

You actually help us eat our tastiest meals when we’re on Weight Watchers.

You research and find the perfect meal. I execute (well, we both do, but come on… I’m the chef, you’re the baker).

Last night… sauteed chicken with a black bean avocado salsa.

And New Girl. And Scandal. And can I say this? I don’t know if we should watch Scandal. I should probably grow a pair and encourage us to wrap that show up. There are no good examples of love, faithfulness, marriage, general goodness (although Huck is pretty nice despite his whole ‘I love to kill people’ thing). Strange that the most pleasant character is someone who likes to torture and kill bad guys.

But I digress. Keep pulling those recipes from They are always awesome. They are relatively low in points plus points (Weight Watchers). And they’re healthy.

Because this made you laugh…

I’ve  not had a ‘Because this made you laugh’ post in a bit.

But you can’t get enough of this scene from The Mindy Project:

Enjoy… how many of us have felt like the ‘wolf in a children’s story’ after eating in a frenzy during the holidays?

Because You Make Picadillo

You took the ground beef out of the freezer to thaw.

There are raisins in the pantry and green olives in the door of the refrigerator.

It’s time for more of your picadillo. It’s one of my favorite things about your half-Cuban-ness.

I’m looking forward to the dinner and then the leftovers and then when you make the picadillo empanadas a couple days later. Little meat pockets of joy.

I’m looking forward to the weekend!

Because You Made Meatloaf

That sound romantic, doesn’t it?

But it was really good. So were the homemade mashed potatoes and the sautéed green beans.

In my humble opinion, meatloaf is the world’s most underrated type of loaf. Better than olive or any other kind of loaf of which I’m familiar.

As a matter of fact, I just ate the leftovers for lunch. And I liked ’em.

Knowing what I know about a lot of households these days, I’m thankful that you like to prep a solid meal and serve it up (and I’m guessing you enjoy the fact that I, too, enjoy cooking up meals for you).

It’s fun to share those duties and I love it when you get all into a home cooked meal.

I think it’s because I love to eat. 🙂

Because You Made Broccoli and Chicken Noodle Casserole Last Night

Casseroles are highly underrated.

You stepped up and made this casserole from

One serving was only 8 points. And I had 18 going into dinner so I indulged in one and a half servings.

Then I hit a 4 point ice cream.

But the star of the night, besides your winning smile, was that casserole. Man. Good stuff.

Plus New Girl was pretty funny… here’s a snippet: